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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Insurable \In*sur"a*ble\, a. [From Insure.] Capable of being insured against loss, damage, death, etc.; proper to be insured.

The French law annuls the latter policies so far as they exceed the insurable interest which remained in the insured at the time of the subscription thereof.


a. Capable of being insured


adj. capable of being insured or eligible to be insured


Usage examples of "insurable".

A third factor is that the 'contract' for treatment, and the procedures used, are so specific that I believe this treatment format would be insurable on a large scale.

Accustomed to a routine five percent increase in the cost of electricity, and ten or twelve in any year when a nuclear reactor melted down—because such installations had long ago ceased to be insurable and the cost of failure could only be recouped from the consumer—the strangers were astonished at the cheapness of energy in this self-reliant community.