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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Insuppressible \In`sup*press"i*ble\, a. That can not be suppressed or concealed; irrepressible.
--Young. -- In`sup*press"i*bly, adv.


a. That cannot be suppressed.

Usage examples of "insuppressible".

He was so young, so insuppressible, so elated to be again with the Isbu, his people, that, I think, he did not soberly consider whether or not he would be likely to be welcome at such an encounter, even as a bystander.

But then, I reminded myself, how insuppressible is man, how tenacious is truth.

His body jumped and spun without the least effort of will, muscles whose existence he had long forgotten snapped like steel, and he could almost feel the sun itself glittering upon his teeth as his face cracked in an enormous, insuppressible grin.

Over all, a primordial silence reigned -- a silence fraught with the burden of things unutterable by human speech -- with the furtive pulse of an esoteric and exotic life, the secret breathing of unformulable passion, of unapprehended peril, the spirit of a vast and insuppressible fecundity.