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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Instrumentally \In`stru*men"tal*ly\, adv.

  1. By means of an instrument or agency; as means to an end.

    They will argue that the end being essentially beneficial, the means become instrumentally so.

  2. With instruments of music; as, a song instrumentally accompanied.


adv. 1 By means of an instrument or agency; as means to an end 2 With instruments of music;

Usage examples of "instrumentally".

Just as the one same power of the principal agent is instrumentally in all the instruments that are ordained unto the production of an effect, forasmuch as they are one as being so ordained: so also the one same sacramental power is in both words and things, forasmuch as words and things combine to form one sacrament.

Church work instrumentally in the sacraments, because, in a way, a minister is of the nature of an instrument.

Secondly, because in the other sacraments the consecration of the matter consists only in a blessing, from which the matter consecrated derives instrumentally a spiritual power, which through the priest who is an animated instrument, can pass on to inanimate instruments.

Or, if they do not say that the stars, though they have indeed received a certain power from God, who is supreme, determine those things according to their own discretion, but simply that His commands are fulfilled by them instrumentally in the application and enforcing of such necessities, are we thus to think concerning God even what it seemed unworthy that we should think concerning the will of the stars?