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n. (plural of instructress English)

Usage examples of "instructresses".

I did not know for certain, of course, because of my hooding, whether or not there might have been a man in the cage with us, a guard, perhaps, or even, say, an unhooded female slave, one of the instructresses, for example, perhaps charged to observe our deportment.

I recalled seeing one of the instructresses stripped and whipped because the skill levels of her charge were judged insufficient.

And even the instructresses I had seen had been barefoot and worn only brief tunics.

Women such as I, I feared, thus, even if clothed, would be clothed in distinctive manners, manners which would be particular to us, manners which would be prominent and visible, manners which would leave no doubt as to our condition, and status, and generally, I suspected, scantily, and revealingly, as the instructresses had been, for the pleasures of men.

I have no doubt that we'll have a dozen good instructresses by Christmas.