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n. (plural of instructor English)

Usage examples of "instructors".

As the guildsmen and instructors recognized the wolves in their midst, they attempted to shelter the children.

There would be instructors who could explain to the soldiers, who could make everyone understand that this was all a horrible mistake.

Then they had thought to escape the completely unreasonable wrath of the instructors at some misdeed.

In jump school, his instructors had warned him about this deceptive, dangerous sensation.

After all, the instructors see to it that you soak up all the regulations you need to know, through your skin.

He would take us on after the other instructors had worked us over and we were beginning to feel cocky and pretty good at itthen he would put the polish on.

I meanand one of the instructors cut the power on one of my men by radio control, making him a helpless casualty.

So far as I could see, Zim and the instructors treated me exactly the same afterwards as they had before.

The instructors could even spend Saturday night in town, or cop a three-day pass, duty permitting.

We had the scrolls that spoke of the duties of instructors, and the scrolls that delineated the most sophisticated uses of the Skills.

Very likely during his own college days Hervey Sawtelle had been goaded by arrogant instructors into believing that he ought to know everything about everything, be familiar with all the authorities on all the subjects, including medieval music, differential equations, and modern poetry, be able to produce an instant knowing rejoinder to any conceivable intellectual remark, including those made in dead and foreign languages, and never under any circumstances ask a question.

His dark marble-like eyes burned with malevolence seldom seen outside the ranks of drill instructors or kid-hating spinster ladies with yappy dogs, and he tightened his grip on my leg just to let me know my assessment was not off the mark at all.

The results of a man like this, so extensively known as one of the most philosophical and candid, as well as brilliant of instructors, and whose admirable abilities and signal liberality are generally conceded, ought to be of great weight in deciding the question.

The entrance upon a new course of Lectures is always a period of interest to instructors and pupils.

He will own to you that in the struggle for life which goes on day and night in our thoughts as in the outside world of nature, much that he learned under the name of science has died out, and that simple homely experience has largely taken the place of that scholastic knowledge to which he and perhaps some of his instructors once attached a paremount importance.