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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Instruct \In*struct"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Instructed; p. pr. & vb. n. Instructing.]

  1. To put in order; to form; to prepare. [Obs.]

    They speak to the merits of a cause, after the proctor has prepared and instructed the same for a hearing.

  2. To form by communication of knowledge; to inform the mind of; to impart knowledge or information to; to enlighten; to teach; to discipline.

    Schoolmasters will I keep within my house, Fit to instruct her youth.

  3. To furnish with directions; to advise; to direct; to command; as, the judge instructs the jury.

    She, being before instructed of her mother, said, Give me here John Baptist's head in a charger.
    --Matt. xiv. 8.

    Take her in; instruct her what she has to do.

    Syn: To teach; educate; inform; train; discipline; indoctrinate; direct; enjoin.


vb. (en-past of: instruct)


adj. (all used chiefly with qualifiers `well' or `poorly' or `un-') having received specific instruction; "unschooled ruffians"; "well tutored applicants" [syn: schooled, taught, tutored]

Usage examples of "instructed".

These verbeeg had been instructed to exercise all possible caution, but they were to find the long overdue patrol, or at least determine where the missing giants had gone off to.

He motioned the cat into position and instructed it not to attack until his signal.

Kemp instructed hopefully, "for anything that we might try shall be in vain if the first is the truth!

The crystal shard telepathically instructed Kessell to unleash a killing bolt and be done with the drow.

It disappointed her to know that once the brazier was also burning, she would be instructed to depart.

And when Catti-brie pestered her further, Sydney instructed Entreri to "keep the whore away.

He instructed his crewmen to bring the passengers of the rowboat to his cabin as soon as they came aboard, then he led Drizzt and Wulfgar away, knowing that on the deck the drow would prove a distraction to his crew.

Ma tron Malice had instructed him that Alton DeVir should die even as their families' battle commenced.

Triel had promised Vierna an unbelievable prize because Lloth had instructed her, and her mother, to do so.

Baenre had probably instructed her daughter to leave him in pain, and was probably taking great pleasure in watching him limp from the room.

He had instructed Regis to tell Bruenor the truth in five weeks, so that, in case Drizzt's journey proved unsuccessful, Clan Battlehammer would at least have time to prepare for the darkness that might yet come.

Triel was possibly the most fanatic of the Spider Queen's priestesses and would not go against Matron Baenre, the first matron mother of the city—not unless Lloth instructed her to.

Triel instructed, and she slipped out of her own shoes before she stepped onto the plush rug.

No wonder, then, that Lloth had instructed Vierna to go after her renegade brother!

Catti-brie instructed the cat, making sure that her tones did not give away her true meaning.