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The Collaborative International Dictionary

inst \inst.\ adj. [abbreviation for instant.] in or of the present month; same as instant[3], a. or instant[2], n.; as, your letter of the 10th inst.. [abbr.]

Syn: instant.


adj. in or of the present month; "your letter of the 10th inst" [syn: instant]


Inst may refer to:

  • As "inst.", abbreviation for instant, with reference to time
  • As "inst.", abbreviation for instante mense, meaning a date of the current month, such as "the 5th inst."
  • The Royal Belfast Academical Institution, a grammar school in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Tuskegee University, Alabama, United States
  • Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Instrumental, with reference to music

Usage examples of "inst".

I had hoped to be able, after the conclusion of the commencement exercises of Washington College, to visit the Pamunkey, and to return by the 15th inst.

Urbain Grandier four pacts mentioned several times by the said possessed nuns at the preceding exorcisms, which the devils who possessed the nuns declared they had made with the said Grandier on several occasions: there was one in especial which Leviathan gave up on Saturday the 17th inst.

The Tokan delegation is now in quarantine CaUisto Reception Center, but is expected to reach Earthport Prime on 5th inst. at 0947 hours GMT.

Telegram Company to correct an erroneous announcement made in their Brisbane telegram of the 2d inst., published in our impression of the 5th inst.

History of Entertainment I and II as well as certain high-level esoteric Optics things you needed Permission of Inst.

Wall, we got there considerably before anon and we found that Moon's insted of bein' up in another planet wuz a big, long sort a low buildin' settled right down onto this old earth, with a immense piazza stretchin' along the side on't.

There were various versions but all of them had common elements The Cadet Leader had encountered unexpectedly heavy opposition, and, rather than turn back as any normal person would do, had fought his way through the corridors of a major Rebel inst allation, killing no less than four hundred and thirty-six insurrectionists and disabling an important communications installation.

Did she want to smash its author with a coal shovel for suggesting that reduced circumstances meant asking your servants to plump chintz-covered cushions insted of satin ones?

Insted he brings oot this funny wee thing like a cat or a munkey, aw cuverd in blak fur wi a pear aw wee blak wings on its bak an cros-eyes, an he stiks it on ma showdder an ses 'Thare you go my boy,' an I wiz a bit leery ken, cos it wiz an ugly wee bugir an sittin gie cloase tae ma heid, but a stil had ma sord at the majishin's throte, so I lookd at this skely-eyed thing an sed 'whare's this auld bugir's gold then?