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Usage examples of "insol".

Come, look at this map and tell me where Earl Insol shall attack, and how I may counter him!

And Insol will cross at both fords, so that he can bring his troops marching around like the pincers of a crab's claw, with your troops between them as they shut.

Oh, my grandfather told me that Earl Insol was noble enough when he was young, that many of them are-but a year or two of power changes all that.

Coll didn't doubt for a minute that Banhael would take all Earl Insol's lands if he could-and everything considered, Coll wasn't all that sure that he wouldn't rather be ruled by Earl Insol than by Banhael.

They've heard of the battle already, how the king fought with Earl Insol, and won-and without even slaying all that many men, though a good number are lost on both sides.

The duke turned to Insol and said, "Four of my brave fellow dukes have sent word to say that the king's estates are far from their own, so they see no reason to march against him-but they encourage me to chastise him, and wish me well!

Earl Insol said as they watched the couriers ride away with the duke's directions to his fellow warlords.