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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Etymology 1 n. (plural of in English) Etymology 2

abbr. (context computing English) insert


The acronym "INS" may refer to:

Usage examples of "ins".

By 1993 the JTTF had grown to include forty investigators and agents from the FBI, NYPD, the INS, the FAA, the ATF, and the U.

Bethom peeled the picture away and signaled for armed INS agents to grab Ajaj.

FBI and INS agents jumped into Suburbans and gave chase, followed by local TV crews in their remote broadcast trucks.

At this point the JTTF had grown to more than forty members, including agents from the Secret Service, Treasury, INS, DEA, and the New York State Police, along with NYPD detectives like Lou Napoli.

He declined to press charges, and since his name was not yet on the Watch List, which would have alerted Customs and INS agents to his entry, he escaped scrutiny.

But the decision, the anchorman thought sourly, was typical of Chuck Insen: once more an item of foreign news, whose emphasis Sloane favored, had gone into the discard.

Insen put his arms around him, then still holding the anchorman, eased him from the room.

INS agents did not demand a list of books Elian had checked out of the local library!

In addition, when Doris Meissner became INS Commissioner in 1993, she found an agency seriously hampered by outdated technology and INSufficient human resources.

The INS believed 95 per cent of sannyasin marriages with American citizens were fraudulently arranged to gain permanent residency, and that Rajneesh and other temporary visa holders had deliberately deceived the authorities.

The Taiwanese, French and Russian police and the FBI and INS could find him nowhere.

Better than the Taiwanese, better than the French, better than your typical INS agent.

Then Sir Francis strode along the gun emplacements in the cliff and gave a curt set of orders to the men who crouched over the culver ins with the burning slow-match.

He went down the line of gun emplacements, speaking softly to the men on watch behind the culver ins He checked once more the laying of each, making sure that they were truly aimed at the dark shape of the Gull, as she lay in a spangle of star reflections on the surface of the still, dark lagoon.

According to INS policy, anybody who brings undocumented immigrants ashore is subject to monetary penalties.