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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Inrush \In"rush`\, n. A rush inwards; as, the inrush of the tide.
--G. Eliot.


Inrush \In*rush"\, v. i. To rush in. [Obs.]


n. A crowding or flooding in. vb. (context obsolete English) To rush in.


n. an inflow; "an inpouring of spiritual comfort" [syn: inpouring, inpour]

Usage examples of "inrush".

In the fifteenth century the influence of Huss and the humanists had in different ways formed channels facilitating the inrush of Lutheranism.

How many times had the klaxon screamed out from here, to the tilt of the deck and the fierce inrush of water?

The French bluejackets attempted to obey, but, with their first forward movement, they were met by an inrush of sturdy British sailors, who sent them and their burdens crashing to the floor in every direction.

In 1890 the inrush of outsiders alarmed the Boers, and the franchise was raised so as to be only attainable by those who had lived fourteen years in the country.

October with the inrush of a new academic year is most distracted.

Fighter after fighter was picked off by the inrushing ships of the Formic fleet.