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INP may stand for:

  • INP (Korea), a Korean chemical company
  • INP (database), an early database system developed at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Integrated National Police, a forerunner of the Philippine National Police
  • Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
  • Indium phosphide
  • INP InformaciĆ³n de negocios y Procesos, a software and web development company in South America
INP (Korea)

INP is a chemical company. headquartered in Bucheon Gyeonggi, Korea.

It is chemical brand product in Edison Chopstick and Ant Works.

INP (database)

INP (pronounced "imp") is a database management system including forms processing data entry. It consists of over fifty utility programs for database access and support, batch updating, and report generation. It was developed by Bob Tidd at the University of California, Berkeley in 1976, and predated many of the commercial and opensource databases in use today. It is still in use on a wide variety of systems at the University and associated institutions.