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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Inne \Inne\ ([i^]n), adv. & prep. In. [Obs.]

And eke in what array that they were inne.

Usage examples of "inne".

In jenem inneren Bezirk, in dem sie sprachen, setzte er seine Ferse auf den Kopf der Schlange.

Wach ward ich nah dabei Caesars und Solons inne, Doch keinen, dass er neidisch waer.

Once again apprehension had chilled the heart of David Innes for fear that Fitt might have returned, but they passed the barracks and reached the gate without seeing him, and here they were halted by the Korsar in charge.

When David Innes had rested sufficiently, the Sarians bid the Kalians farewell and departed for their ships, which lay off the coast forty miles away.

In the meane season this minion lover cast his wife on the bottome of the tub and had his pleasure with her over his head, and as he was in the middest of his pastime, hee turned his head on this side and that side, finding fault with this and with that, till as they had both ended their businesse, when as he delivered seaven pence for the tub, and caused the good man himselfe to carry it on his backe againe to his Inne.

MacDonald nodded farewell and took his leave with a raised hand, passing by Duncan Innes, who was coming from that direction, looking drawn and haggard as a man will whose bowels are tied in sheepshank knots.

Contemptibles were gathered in the bar of Ye Olde Shippe Inne to discuss strategy under the leadership of Mrs.

You said it must have been meant for Winters and not Abdul, if you remember, Innes.

Innes had promised us a great deal in that waybut in the end, he was obliged to renege upon his promise.

Eva Danas and Yusef Deniz sat down behind Alim as Chimene entered with Boaz Huerta and Matthew Innes.

Innes, Superintendent of Lower Perak, whose wife so nearly lost her life in the horrible affair at Pulo Pangkor, was in dejected spirits, as if the swamps of Durion Sabatang had been too much for him.

This Phebus gan aweyward for to wryen, And thoughte his sorweful herte brast atwo, His bowe he bente and sette ther inne a flo, And in his ire his wyf thanne hath he slayn.

Lucifer At Lucifer, though he an aungel were, And nat a man, at hym wol I biginne, For though Fortune may noon aungel dere, From heigh degree yet fel he for his synne Doun into helle, where he yet is inne.

We can send Innes back wi' John's boatie, and he can take a message to Fergus to come and join us.

Lilyglit At about the time earlier on that Friday morning when Christopher Haig shaved with the help of a bathroom mirror and dreamed his dreams, Wendy Billington Innes sat on her low comfortable dressing stool and stared at her reflection in her dressing-table's triple-section looking-glass.