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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ink \Ink\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Inked ([i^][ng]kt); p. pr. & vb. n. Inking.] To put ink upon; to supply with ink; to blacken, color, or daub with ink.

  1. (context slang English) Having a tattoo or tattoos. v

  2. (en-past of: ink)

Inked (magazine)

Inked is a tattoo lifestyle magazine that bills itself as the outsiders' insider magazine. Covering music, fashion, art, sports and the rest of the lifestyle of the tattooed, Inked has made the transition from the tattoo section of the newsstand to sit among GQ and Vanity Fair. Tattooed women like Kat Von D, Avril Lavigne, Diablo Cody, Eve and Malin Akerman have appeared on Inked's cover. Among the celebrities who have sat down with Inked are Ozzy Osbourne, Tracy Morgan, Slash, Kid Cudi and Billie Joe Armstrong. Inked also covers tattoo artists; they immortalize the best in their Icon feature through which the likes of Don Ed Hardy, Horiyoshi III and Ami James have been honored.


Inked is a documentary television series about the employees of the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company in the Las Vegas Valley. The series was created by Jeff Bowler in 2005, and was broadcast by the A&E Network. The theme song was written and performed by Height of Roman Fashion.

Usage examples of "inked".

Lirenda strove to read the fine lines inked like magma across the dark.

To read a list of such colors, correctly saying the printed word rather than the color of the inked letters, took more concentration than I had expected it would.

Twelve careful runes were inked there, and by each one was a single word.

And then the walls of the room began to run like inked letters when tears fall on them.

Markers covered it, red wedges for Seanchan forces on the move and red stars for forces holding in place, each supporting a small paper banner inked with their numbers and composition.

He groaned loudly when a pale disc inked with a wavy line, a snake, touched his piece, and again when a disc marked with a triangle touched Noal's.

There are ten discs inked with triangles to represent the foxes, and ten discs inked with wavy lines to represent the snakes.

I could see how the two shapes, when superimposed, would make the shape Stoke had inked on the back of his old duffle coat.

It was still there, but the letters looked fresher than they should have, and the leather here looked frayed and faded and whipsawed, as if other names had been inked in the same spot and then erased.

Finally he added the most important touch: the white paper label inked with black characters that explained the purpose of his deed.

Windwolf took hold of her left, opening it to expose a network of pink scars, and anti-infection spells inked onto both the palm and the back.

She'd forgotten all about the mysterious design inked out onto the white marble.

Riki had healing spells inked over his foot, and it looked normal—for him—but he limped as he walked, wincing in pain.

One inked a healing spell onto her side and triggered it while the rest dealt with Pony.

And with the inked and stencilled flashburnt shapes of pistoned or bladed doom came his usual crowd of hangers-on, spectators gripped to each limb, seated on shoulder blades, peering from his jungled chest, hung upside down in microscopic millions in his armpit vaults screaming bat-screams for encounters, ready for the hunt and if need be the kill.