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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
badly hurt/injured/wounded
▪ Fortunately no one was badly hurt.
be killed/injured in a clash
▪ Eight people were killed in clashes between the army and police.
fatally injured/wounded
▪ Two officers were fatally injured in the explosion.
report sb/sth missing/injured/killed
▪ The plane was reported missing.
▪ He was seriously injured in a car accident on Friday.
severely disabled/injured
▪ An unnecessary operation left him severely disabled.
the dead and injured/wounded/dying
▪ Most of the dead and injured had been passengers on the bus.
▪ Dozens of injured animals being cared for faced being put down.
▪ The injured animal was later taken to a vet for treatment.
▪ One injured animal had to be destroyed but the rest were recaptured.
▪ Separate, bedded housing must be available for sick or injured animals.
▪ As a veterinary surgeon I would never turn my back on a sick or injured animal.
▪ They improve the stock of their prey, such as deer, by killing the inferior or injured animals.
▪ She was rather like an injured animal, wanting to lick her wounds in peace and privacy.
▪ This time last year he was caring for injured animals in his back garden in Aylesbury.
▪ Suddenly Grant felt drained and aware once more of the increasing ache in his injured arm and leg.
▪ The pain in my injured arm was terrible.
▪ Dizzy with pain, Cassie sank into the cushions of the sofa and sat supporting her injured arm.
▪ Mr Grace had recently suffered an injured arm due to a recent car accident and could not swim.
▪ Not only his injured arm, but his whole body throbbed with wanting her.
▪ Pain flared in his thigh wound as he landed heavily on his injured leg.
▪ Humber brought him into the Small Ward to look at my patient's injured leg.
▪ Other birds to benefit from the treatment include a tawny owl with an injured leg, now making a fast recovery.
▪ Sister Marcus said the condition of his injured leg was satisfactory.
▪ The injured man was taken up to his chamber.
▪ The injured man was taken to the West Highland Hospital at Oban.
▪ There's an injured man upstairs.
▪ As he passed the injured man his body came in contact with the heavy candlestick.
▪ Richmann strode over to the injured man, and glared down furiously.
▪ The injured man has been treated for shot wounds and is back home tonight.
▪ This aspect of the Tynagh discovery was never reported in the press and litigation was not initiated by the injured parties.
▪ She was cast as the selfish villainess of the drama, her husband the innocent injured party.
▪ As far as Nicolo was concerned, he was the injured party.
▪ An injured party can complain against its neighbour under the convention, but it has no teeth.
▪ There are the quiet, maudlin times: injured parties, slighted lovers, Chet Baker playing to serenade them.
▪ When her assailant spoke he sounded almost offended, which struck Rachel as strange since she appeared to be the injured party.
▪ The list of injured parties and special pleaders grows by the day.
▪ These sums can then be varied over time to reflect changes consequent upon the damage caused to the injured party.
▪ We will pay the injured person or his or her appointed legal representative.
▪ The first point to be noted is that the Court may make the award on the application of the injured person.
▪ A player will recover somewhat between matches, but an injured player might need to be rested for longer.
▪ Allows reorganisation of physio's sessions to treat injured players.
critically ill/injured
▪ A businessman walking to his car was struck by lightning and critically injured as co-workers watched in awe.
▪ He was taken to hospital critically ill with severe head injuries - leaving girlfriend Donna Lorenz, 23, speechless.
▪ If the infant is critically ill, we talk with them at least twice a day.
▪ In April 1946, Moritz was critically ill.
▪ Last night Suzanne was critically ill in intensive care at Withington Hospital.
▪ The abilities of staff and availability of facilities to care for critically ill patients vary in all areas of health care.
▪ Firefighters had to cut off the roof of the car, so that the injured man could be lifted out.
▪ Runners should not run while injured.
▪ The injured were rushed to St Thomas's Hospital.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

injured \injured\ adj.

  1. having received an injury;-- usually used of physical or mental injury to persons. Opposite of uninjured. [Narrower terms: abraded, scraped, skinned ; {battle-scarred, scarred; bit, bitten, stung ; {black-and-blue, livid ; {bruised, contused, contusioned ; {bruised, hurt, wounded ; {burned; cut, gashed, slashed, split ; {disabled, hors de combat, out of action ; {disjointed, dislocated, separated ; {hurt, wounded ; {lacerated, mangled, torn; maimed, mutilated ] Also See: {broken, damaged, damaged, impaired, unsound, wronged.

  2. subjected to an injustice.

    Syn: aggrieved.


vb. (en-past of: injure)


adj. usually used of physical or mental injury to persons; "injured soldiers"; "injured feelings" [ant: uninjured]

Usage examples of "injured".

Chrissie, took both her hands and held them gently in his, as aware of her abraded palm as he was aware of his own injured wrist.

Gross speaks of a man of thirty who was in the habit of giving exhibitions of sword-swallowing in public houses, and who injured his esophagus to such an extent as to cause abscess and death.

The glands of Drosera absorb matter from living seeds, which are injured or killed by the secretion.

We have seen that if the end of the primary radicle is cut off or injured, the adjoining secondary radicles become geotropic and grow vertically downwards.

He heard his complaints with great patience and affability, assured him of his assistance and protection, and even undertook to introduce him to the empress-queen, who would not suffer the weakest of her subjects to be oppressed, much less disregard the cause of an injured young nobleman, who, by his own services, and those of his family, was peculiarly entitled to her favour.

From these facts we may conclude that the protoplasmic fluid within a cell does not become aggregated unless it be in a living state, and only imperfectly if the cell has been injured.

One airman was injured, and two mechanics and several sentries were killed at their posts.

She had wanted to run over and see if the woman was alright, and find out who it was, but Efrem needed her help carrying the injured man.

Distinction between heliotropism and the effects of light on the periodicity of the movements of leaves--Heliotropic movements of Beta, Solanum, Zea, and Avena--Heliotropic movements towards an obscure light in Apios, Brassica, Phalaris, Tropaeolum, and Cassia--Apheliotropic movements of tendrils of Bignonia--Of flowerpeduncles of Cyclamen--Burying of the pods--Heliotropism and apheliotropism modified forms of circumnutation--Steps by which one movement is converted into the other Transversalheliotropismus or diaheliotropism influenced by epinasty, the weight of the part and apogeotropism--Apogeotropism overcome during the middle of the day by diaheliotropism--Effects of the weight of the blades of cotyledons--So called diurnal sleep--Chlorophyll injured by intense light--Movements to avoid intense light.

I have by now, of course, learned that none of the attendees at the conference was injured.

Et Avian is alive and returning to Kon on the booster you dispatched, but he is badly injured.

Blood flew, and Ayers fell back with a shout, one hand clamped to his injured cheekbone.

But if those who were recently baptized have injured their neighbor, they should be told to make reparation to God by works of penance.

No matter how much they hated all other races, they saved their true hatred for themselves: for all other beholder clans, and for any brethren who were different, or sick, or injured at all.

I cannot imagine Leander Maddoxno matter how sick or injured he might beleaving Timothy behind.