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Ingen (disambiguation)

Ingen may refer to:

  • Ingen Ryuki (1592-1673), Buddhist monk
  • Ingen, Netherlands, a village
  • InGen, a fictional genetics company from Jurassic Park
  • a part of Irish names like in Sabdh ingen Gluniarainn mac Murchada, abbess of Kildare since 1132

Usage examples of "ingen".

One of the Red Hand is then manifested, and while Jiriki , and the other Sithi battle the flaming spirit, Ingen Jegger, the Nom Queen's mortal huntsman, forces his way into xxiv Tad Williams Jao e-Tmukai'i and murders Amerasu, silencing her be fore she can share her discoveries.

It is scarcely a sixth the size of Lúlumë, and it is clearly part of an island system, namely the Ingens Cluster, which lies halfway between Kolodria's southern tip and the Glacial Maelstroms of the southern Pole.

Hammond knew that in two separate vaults at InGen headquarters in Palo Alto were dozens of frozen embryos.

And InGen will engineer them so that these pet dinosaurs can only eat InGen pet food.

They called to say that InGen had two areas of possible illegal technology transfer.