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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ing \Ing\ ([i^]ng), n. [AS. ing.] A pasture or meadow; generally one lying low, near a river.


Etymology 1 n. A water meadow Etymology 2

n. The name of the letter for the ''ng'' sound (IPA /ŋ/ English) in Pitman shorthand.


Ing, ING or ing may refer to:

Ing (surname)

Ing is a medieval English surname, of Norse-Viking origins, possibly from the name of the Norse god Yngvi or from someone living near an ing, a meadow. It can also be a romanisation of the East Asian surname Ng.

Usage examples of "ing".

CIC, ready rooms, wardrooms, chiefs quarters, berth- ing spaces, in aerology, the radio shack, on the hangar deck, all through the ship the men waited.

General Schwarzkopf wanted to tell me himself that, terribly belatedly, the powers that be have recognized my potential and sent it to that collection of clowns on Capitol Hill known as the Senate, seek- ing their acquiescence in my becoming a brigadier general.

The bolt hit the side of a building with a flash and an explosion of hot splinters, and both Macklin and Buntline dropped to the street, roll- ing for cover.

After a year of cule since there was no rational explanation for their find- very hard work over the few samples available--combining ings.

For I have drempt an evill Dreeme and one pourtend ing ruwyn unto Wychlande, beinge in my slepe on the verie eve of this same bataille terrified and smytten with an appeering schape of Laxus armde cryinge in an hyghe voise and lowd, An Ende an Ende an ende of All.

The pulse was still quickening, and even more disturbHARMFUL INTENT t5 ing, there was an ectopic, irregular heartbeat.

He should, Ing told Watcher, be with Edger within the next planet day.

Flaps were open- ing and closing fitfully behind the base of the feeder arms, behind the jaws, and he wondered if it was breathing through those instead of its mouth.

Down the long corridor lamps and filagreed incense pots pendent from the ceil- ing alternated, diffusing a mild light and spicy smell.

The small pointed face was all eyes staring at some dreadful prospect, the milky opaque skin which never tanned or freckled was grow ing more translucent.

A tapestry show- ing Bacchus, the god of wine, hung on one wall and Sir Simon had an idea that valuables were sometimes hidden behind such wall-coverings so he hacked at it with his blade, then hauled it down from its hooks, but there was only a plaster wall behind.

There were signs of recent erasure and redraw- ing at many spots, and here and there little colored hiero- glyphs of mysterious import.

Tabini had the whole damned City to loc out for him, while his staff was down at the airport, leaN ing him to Cenedi, who could walk in here and blow hii and Djinana to small bits, if Cenedi were so inclined t disregard biichi-ji and stain the historic carpets.

Jack closed the book he was read Ing and walked to the table where the two men threw insults like javel ins.

Hands tailed on the jears, hoist- ing the yards to their full erect positions on the masts.