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n. (plural of infraction English)

Usage examples of "infractions".

The National Elections Board, a group of respected jurists with no ties to APRA, investigated the charges and found that, although there had been isolated cases of false registration and multiple voting, the sum of the infractions was far too small to have any effect on the outcome.

He began with a review of the rules governing spectators, then guests, then witnesses, any infractions of which, he said slowly, would be met with immediate eviction by the bailiffs, ‘--to the prejudice of that issue to which the unruly individual or individuals appeared to be speaking, if that can be determined.

The penalties for infractions started with grounding of the ship, and could end with them in prison on a hardship mining colony, or worse yet, remanded to Earth and Hrruba, separated forever.

Once the models of probity and dedication, both father and son have conspired to seize Doona for their own, and, had it not been for the discovery of their heinous infractions of the most basic Treaty stipulations, they might have succeeded in their scheming.

Food preparation was as often as not a punishment detail for minor infractions of colony laws, but everyone took a turn at those chores.

Corporal punishment for infractions of the market laws, like thieving, was swift and did not allow for appeals.

He had been released from the hold and would not be tried for theft, but he had still committed a number of infractions of jordaini law and custom.

I regret my infractions of jordaini law and will accept humbly whatever penalty this council assigns.

Although he was Matteo's age, repeated infractions of jordaini rules forced Themo to repeat the fifth form before he could become a full-fledged counselor.

When he’d reported to Captain Schneider the infractions he’d found, the company commander raised an eyebrow and said, “Sergeant, can’t you learn to let some of that go?

Sergeant, I order you not to report trivial infractions to me until and unless they constitute a clear and obvious danger to the discipline or safety of your squad.