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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
ultraviolet/infra-red radiation (=from the light produced by the sun)
▪ Ultraviolet radiation damages DNA in plants.
▪ As mentioned earlier the warm-white lighting contains little infra-red radiation.
▪ Each Mouse Alert system comprises a network of up to 360 strategically placed infra-red electronic sensor boxes.
▪ Herschel had found the infra-red detected invisible light in the form of radiant heat.
▪ In the transmitter, infra-red is modulated to carry the analogue sound information which then fills the room.
▪ Note that a red l.e.d. is used rather than an infra-red one.
▪ Some weapons home in on infra-red sources, some on radar, others just go where they are told.
▪ The ones with infra-red night-sights, little flashing digital displays, electric zooms and whatnots.
▪ Thus, these gases act like the glass in a greenhouse, which similarly inhibits the loss of infra-red.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Infrared \In`fra*red"\, Infra-red \In`fra-red"\, a. [Infra- + red.]

  1. (Physics) Lying outside the visible spectrum at its red end; -- said of rays having a longer wavelength (and thus less refrangible) than the extreme red rays, specifically those electromagnetic waves having a wavelength of between 700 nanometers and 1 millimeter.

  2. relating to, using, or producing infrared radiation.

  3. affected by infrared radiation; as, infrared detector; infrared film.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also infrared, 1881 (noun and adjective), from infra- + red.


a. (alternative form of infrared English)

Infra-Red (song)

"Infra-Red" is a song by English alternative rock band Placebo, released on 19 June 2006 as the third single from their fifth studio album Meds.

Usage examples of "infra-red".

X-ray tests, and ultra-violet and infra-red, the experts with their photomicrography and .

They get into the clouds, stay hidden, and use infra-red telecameras which are broadcast on a tight beam back to the control ships.

And the private infra-red cameras installed by shopping precincts, business developments and public buildings that have to monitor occupancy to comply with fire regulations can be downloaded into a number of West End video suites, where the tapes are collated within a digitalised computer system and stored as back-up copies.

CHAPTER 18 QUEEN TEMKA The labyrinth of dark tunnels had left the oxygen masked, and infra-red glassed face of Bak swimming for hours through the bowels of the planet.

Infrequent version Frequent, consistentversion along-side alongside any-where anywhere eye-sight eyesight in-explicability inexplicability in-flame inflame infrared infra-red kid-napped kidnapped news-paper newspaper per-cent per cent radioactive radio-active some-body somebody some-thing something to-day today un-bearable unbearable un-witting unwitting under-estimate underestimate where-upon whereupon This colophon was added.

This should be no surprise: for example military snipers can 'see in the dark' using infra-red waves, detecting things by the heat they emit.

For Hunter's part he was just hoping that he could give Brother David the word to fire before the Phantom pilots noticed that his flying antique was carrying a Vulcan cannon, a few racks of air-to-surface missiles, a 50-caliber machine gun sticking out its back, two mini-Sidewinders on its wingtips and a bristle of radio, infra-red and advanced-seek radar antennas poking out at various points on the wings and fuselage.

There were intriguing diffraction patterns, unnatural ratios of infra-red versus other frequencies.

I could have been nvisible to Thett's ships as we followed them here, and for he greater part of the way I was, for I was sufficiently out of their time-rate, so that they were visible only by the hort ultra-violet, which would have put in their infra-red, ind, no photo-electric cell will work on quanta of such low energy.

Wolf and Bobby took one of the unmarked Werewolf cars, a medallioned yellow cab, its top spray-painted with infra-red dye that could be tracked by a helicopter.

The suit switched to Imaging Infra-Red before Milligan had a chance to.

There were numerous plaques on the walls, each written in an alien script, and a few non-representational pieces of art, mostly in blues and violets, which made her wonder if the Fly-by-Nights could see as far into the infra-red as humans could.

Room commander, then almost snatched the folded chart overlain with its sheet of developed infra-red film.

A big chunk of them are gone over very carefully by the inspectors, and a certain percentage are tested by ultra-violet, infra-red, X-ray, radio-isotopes, bleaches, fumes, paper chromatography and every other damned test known to Man.

Only the infra-red and microwave range finders reflected the surface of the hot jungle planet.