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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ an inflatable life boat
▪ Axl sings like a yowling inflatable doll that has been wounded and is taking it personally.
▪ I saw two inflatable dinghies aboard.
▪ If not a Carley float, then certainly an inflatable rubber dinghy.
▪ In their most visible work, astronauts will let loose a retrievable satellite carrying a coffin-sized inflatable antenna.
▪ It boosts their image, puffing them up like an inflatable bag of chips.
▪ Like many offshoot sports, the increasingly popular use of inflatable kayaks has its advantages and drawbacks.
▪ Paul wonders where the inflatable life preserver is.
▪ Hours were spent paddling around in the dark on the Suez Canal until they believed they had mastered handling of the inflatables.
▪ Oldenberg's Lipstick, in its first incarnation, had been a huge plastic inflatable.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Inflatable \In*flat"a*ble\, a. That may be inflated.


a. Able to be inflated or blown up. n. 1 (context nautical English) A boat or dinghy that may be inflated when needed. 2 Any other structure, artwork etc. that is inflated.


adj. designed to be filled with air or gas; "an inflatable mattress"; "an inflatable boat"


An inflatable is an object that can be inflated with a gas, usually with air, but hydrogen, helium and nitrogen are also used. One of several advantages of an inflatable is that it can be stored in a small space when not inflated, since inflatables depend on the presence of a gas to maintain their size and shape. Function fulfillment per mass used compared with non-inflatable strategies is a key advantage. Stadium cushions, impact guards, vehicle wheel inner tubes, emergency air bags, and inflatable space structures employ the inflatable principle. Inflation occurs through several strategies: pumps, ram-air, billowing, and suction.

Although the term inflatable can refer to any type of inflatable object, the term is often used in boating to specifically refer to inflatable boats.

Inflatable (song)

"Inflatable" is a song by alternative rock band Bush and the final single from their fourth album Golden State. Inflatable could not be included on future compilations such as The Best Of: 1994–1999 due to lack of licensing rights.

The song's chorus has a lyric inspired by a line from the Pixies song "Bone Machine". Bone Machine features the line 'You're so pretty when you're faithful to me', while Gavin Rossdale sings 'So pretty when you're faithful'. It was mutual appreciation of the Pixies that drew founding members Gavin Rossdale and Nigel Pulsford together.

The song bears some resemblance to previous Bush hits " Glycerine" and " Letting the Cables Sleep" in that it is more subdued than the band's other singles. However, it is the only Bush song to feature an acoustic guitar.

The song is the last single featuring the four original members of the band and it would be the last single to be released under the Bush name for almost 9 years until 2010 when "Afterlife" was released.

The song was featured in the TV series 7th Heaven and Smallville.

Usage examples of "inflatable".

It was a distant cousin to the inflatable rafts and foldboats used by sportsmen and explorers on the whiter waters of the Galactic Milieu.

He maneuvered the inflatable to the dive platform at the back of the Sunseeker and tied up to us.

But when the yacht was finally cleared to proceed, and the officers ferried across to the cutter in the inflatable workboat, they admitted that, not only was there no coke on the vessel, but the passengers were all genuine Californian businessmen taking a hunting holiday.

North American tennis academies, with over 300 students and 64 courts, half of which they'll have already put under warm inflatable TesTar cover as of like Halloween, P.

You can see these people at campgrounds all over the country, standing around their vehicles comparing gadgets--methane-powered ice-cube makers, portable tennis courts, antiinsect flame throwers, inflatable lawns.

Priorities My highest priorities for USAF in Korea were aircrew parachutes, aircraft emergency life preservers, aircrew emergency bailout survival kits (attached to parachute harnesses), oxygen masks, and components ('components,' for instance, took into account that inflatable life preservers are not much help to an aircrew member floating in the sea if the CO2 inflation cartridges had not been checked and installed or had been discharged for an unauthorized purpose.

Its MEM would descend from orbit and go through reentry, and then, about six miles up and still traveling faster than sound, it would sprout a ballute—a cross between a balloon and a parachute, a huge, inflatable sail that would grab at the thin air.

But I believe that the Master of the Buckhounds and the Groom of the Back Stairs have invested heavily in a scheme to make inflatable rattesses.

We emerged from our offices into corridors of caged whimsy, amid our Far Side cartoons taped to windows, Pepsi-can sculptures taped to the walls, and inflatable sharks hanging from the ceilings, all lit by full-spectrum, complexion-flattering lighting.

Wu Qichen and Changs father and sons were struggling to untie a large orange inflatable launch on the stern of the boat.

He steps out, and, poking with his umbrella -- Deflates the inflatable plastic submarine.

To a man who is going to spend his wedding night alone, I would think that a live actress running around in the buff on stage would be a lot more interesting than an inflatable, anatomically correct doll.

You want a genuine World War Two Nazi bayonet or an inflatable, life-sized, anatomically correct female doll?

Over the bandages goes an Air-Stirrup inflatable ankle brace that's very lightweight but looks a bit like a medieval torture-implement.

The ambulance people get there fast enough to slap an inflatable cervical collar around the Crip's neck before he gets ambitious enough to stand up.