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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Infamy \In"fa*my\, n.; pl. Infamies. [L. infamia, fr. infamis infamous; pref. in- not + fama fame: cf. F. infamie. See Fame.]

  1. Total loss of reputation; public disgrace; dishonor; ignominy; indignity.

    The afflicted queen would not yield, and said she would not . . . submit to such infamy.
    --Bp. Burnet.

  2. A quality which exposes to disgrace; extreme baseness or vileness; as, the infamy of an action.

  3. (Law) That loss of character, or public disgrace, which a convict incurs, and by which he is at common law rendered incompetent as a witness.

    Yesterday, Dec. 7, 1941 -- a day which will live in infamy, . . .
    --Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from Old French infamie (14c.), earlier infame, and directly from Latin infamia "ill fame, bad repute, dishonor, from infamis "of ill fame," from in- "not, without" + fama "reputation" (see fame (n.)).


n. 1 The state of being infamous. 2 A reputation as being evil.

  1. n. a state of extreme dishonor; "a date which will live in infamy"- F.D.Roosevelt; "the name was a by-word of scorn and opprobrium throughout the city" [syn: opprobrium] [ant: fame]

  2. evil fame or public reputation [ant: fame]


Infamy, in common usage, is the notoriety gained from a negative incident or reputation (as opposed to fame). The word stems from the Latin infamia, antonym of fama (in the sense of "good reputation").

Infamy (album)

Infamy is the fifth studio album by the American hip hop duo Mobb Deep. Infamy was released after Jay-Z dissed Mobb Deep and Nas on his song "Takeover," from Jay-Z's 2001 album, The Blueprint, which caused Prodigy to strike back on the Track "Crawlin'," in which he calls Jay a "female-ass nigga homo emcee." "H to the you know," calls Jay's retaliation of baby pictures weak and threatens him, calling him "scared". Despite containing the popular classics " The Learning (Burn)" and " Get Away", most fans felt that Prodigy's lyricism was weak in this album, especially when comparing to his classic lines in songs from previous albums.

Infamy has been certified Gold by the RIAA, selling around 800,000 copies in the US. The album has been moderately successful critically as well as commercially, getting good scores from The Source and HipHopDX, as well as Allmusic and Rolling Stone magazine.

Infamy (disambiguation)

Infamy is a notoriety gained from ill repute (as opposed to fame).

It can also refer to:

  • Infamy (album), a 2001 album by Mobb Deep
  • "Infamy" (song), a song by The Rolling Stones from their 2005 album A Bigger Bang
  • A Universal History of Infamy
  • Infamy Speech
  • Little Infamies
  • Infamia
  • Living in Infamy, a comic book mini-series by Ben Raab about super villains living in a town called Infamy
Infamy (song)

"Infamy" is a rock song by English band The Rolling Stones released on their 2005 album A Bigger Bang. Keith Richards sings lead vocals, as well as playing guitars, bass, keyboards, and percussion. Other personnel include Mick Jagger (harmonica, backing vocals, keyboards, percussion), Charlie Watts (drums) and Blondie Chaplin (backing vocals).

Usage examples of "infamy".

All the obscenity and salacious infamy spawned in the muck of the abysmal pits of life seemed to drown her in seas of cosmic filth.

All the obscenity and salacious infamy spawned in the muck of the abysmal pits of Life seemed to drown her in seas of cosmic filth.

The consequence of a defeat was death to the person accused, or to the champion or witness, as well as to the accuser himself: but in civil cases, the demandant was punished with infamy and the loss of his suit, while his witness and champion suffered ignominious death.

I was the man she would have preferred to all others, and I had the infamy to give way.

I could see all the infamy of the count in the taking back of the watch which belonged to her as a gift, and which the unhappy girl had earned but too well.

Instead, the Acts Rescissory were permitted to remain on the Statute-book, and the Covenants to lie under the infamy to which the King and the Royalists had consigned them.

You have taken me to a den of infamy, where I was shamefully robbed of jewellery to the value of more than three hundred Louis.

It became the honorable appellation of the sons of Severus, was bestowed on young Diadumenianus, and at length prostituted to the infamy of the high priest of Emesa.

WSLJ, and her clientele had grown exponentially with her new-found infamy.

Weak and vacillating as he was in most things, it seemed that the earl could be strong in his dislike of his son, and firm in his determination not to condone the infamy of his behavior toward Hortensia Winthrop.

Either way, she would live in infamy in the legends of the Meth, as she who was afraid to save the race, or as she who had destroyed everything gained in generations free of the silth.

Oh, let us purge these statements of outgrown crudities, cruelties, falsities, blasphemies, infamies!

The pensionary, who had not been terrified from performing the part of a kind brother and faithful friend during this prosecution, resolved not to desert him on account of the unmerited infamy which was endeavored to be thrown upon him.

Phelps and Phelps, The Cults of the Unwavering I: A Field Guide to Cults of Currency Speculation, Melanin, Fitness, Bioflavinoids, Spectation, Assassination, Stasis, Property, Agoraphobia, Repute, Celebrity, Acraphobia, Performance, Amway, Fame, Infamy, Deformity, Scopophobia, Syntax, Consumer Technology, Scopophilia, Presleyism, Hunterism, Inner Children, Eros, Xenophobia, Surgical Enhancement, Motivational Rhetoric, Chronic Pain, Solipsism, Survivalism, Preterition, Anti-Abortionism, Kevorkianism, Allergy, Albinism, Sport, Chiliasm, and Telentertainment in pre-O.

He was ambitious, and was founder of the system of serfdom, and also of the Russian State Church, and like many of the other rulers of Russia, met death through infamy, supposedly having been poisoned.