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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And then, to her almost inexpressible joy, she saw the familiar tall, broad-shouldered figure across the station.
▪ Looking up into his concerned brown eyes, I had felt an inexpressible sense of relief.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Inexpressible \In`ex*press"i*ble\, a. Not capable of expression or utterance in language; ineffable; unspeakable; indescribable; unutterable; as, inexpressible grief or pleasure. ``Inexpressible grandeur.''

In orbs Of circuit inexpressible they stood.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1620s, from in- (1) "not" + expressible (see express (v.)). Related: Inexpressibly.


a. Unable to be expressed.


adj. defying expression [syn: unexpressible] [ant: expressible]

Usage examples of "inexpressible".

Even Willy Wisp was listening, and the Crabapple Blossoms gazed at him with inexpressible gratitude.

Stalin, whose historical determinants found themselves grounded in nature, sublimated under the name of Genius, that is, something irrational and inexpressible: here, depoliticization is evident, it fully reveals the presence of a myth.

Elmina recut a cast-off evening coat belonging to her cousin Geoffrey, deepest midnight blue, and had bullied her elderly maid into creating a pair of buff inexpressibles that clung to her long limbs as if molded to them.

Why should she get her inexpressibles in a twist over him smuggling spies?

All agreed that the bridegroom could not have been more handsome, in his bottle green coat and ivory inexpressibles, his brown hair, tied back in a black riband, glinting in the sunlight.

The fatigue and hardships which the miserable soldiers underwent are inexpressible.

She caught glimmerings of profounds inexpressible and unthinkable that hinted connotations lawless and terrible.

The smell of cabbage soup and the good coffee even the poverty-stricken sometimes manage to get hold of hangs in the air, along with the marvellous inexpressible smell of the scarlet geraniums that explode over balconies and on walls above narrow stairways, and against a sky tangled with washing and pigeons.

But there was something in her expression that was new: a simultaneous passion, dispassion, and inexpressible joy that reached far back beyond her human birth, back to the time when the Lady had, with Her own hand, shaped the Immortals who would call this planet home.

The child had his eyes half open, and that inexpressible gaze of the dead, where the perception of the real is replaced by the vision of the infinite.

For an eternal instant, his deeper, throatier cries rose in harmony with her breathless sobs repeating his name as paroxysms of inexpressible pleasure shuddered through them.

I seem forever on the edge of expressing the inexpressible, touching what has never been touched, but I cannot reach through the veil of apartness.

There was in her usual aspect that inexpressible look of profound resignation which betokens a lasting remembrance of a bitter past: a prematurely blighted heart spoke in her eyes, in her smile, her languid and joyless step.

Sometimes I saw him at his work in the woods, felling trees, and he would greet me with a laugh of inexpressible satisfaction, and a salutation in Canadian French, though he spoke English as well.

From down in the middle of the shopping district a car horn blatted, and the sound unfurled toward Jack full of an inexpressible loneliness and nostalgia.