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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Inexplicably \In*ex"pli*ca*bly\, adv. In an inexplicable manner.


adv. In an inexplicable manner; for an unknown reason.

Usage examples of "inexplicably".

And out of that same epoch came the great Olmec sculptures, the inexplicably precise and accurate calendar the Mayans inherited from their predecessors, the inscrutable geoglyphs of Nazca, the mysterious Andean city of Tiahuanaco .

But I was all for it, since it meant that Claire and Featherstone could remain at Cranshaw, and just her proximity offered hope, for time back then seemed long enough for anything to happen, even the softening of a heart inexplicably hardened against you.

Frenchmen, the strange and alien life of this magic city which was so seductive but so unalterably foreign to all that he had ever known--all this had now begun to weigh inexplicably upon a troubled spirit, to revive again the old feelings of naked homelessness, to stir in him the nameless sense of shame and guilt which an American feels at a life of indolence and pleasure, which is part of the very chemistry of his blood, and which he can never root out of him.

But what bothered him most, and inexplicably so, was the discovery, upon returning to his seat, that Professor Lippmann and Adeline had chosen not to stay.

Inexplicably, Metzger and Munchkin sat in the condo living room and talked by the hour.

As they negotiated the clutter of solenoids, induction coils, Crookes tubes, and photographic equipment, all inexplicably intertwined with pipets and tubing, Harold felt himself sorely missing the opportunities provided by a good lab.

Why, after all those months and years of work, when the Plums were finally discovered, why would Albert inexplicably end his life?

Mysterious tubes and conduits split from solid walls to terminate inexplicably in midair.

The men vanished in the high stalks, leaving nothing behind but a scatter of embarrassed officers and, astonishingly, the two panicked gun teams which had inexplicably stopped short of the millet and now waited patiently for the gunners to catch them.

Then, inexplicably, as Kirk drew Dannie close, she changed into Linda, and, although the pleasure of the moment continued unabated, the Dannie-Linda image became tinged with regret and loss, as if something dark and dangerous lurked behind the woman he held in his arms.

Following a tender scene between Thomas and Giulielma in which he pleads with her to accompany him north, a fall from a horse leads somewhat inexplicably into a heated discussion of justice between Thomas, William and Mr Kane employing patches of Platonic dialogue lifted directly from Book I of the Republic, interspersed with unattributed views of Albert Camus on total justice and of Rousseau on absolute freedom, and Thomas departs.

After that, though, the work inexplicably stopped and the centrepiece remained, from then on.

She dared not look at him, suppressing her own roiling anxieties, inexplicably convinced that he, or his coelura spun gown, would sense her increasing fear.

This lengthy interview, which was conductedbefore the arrests, had inexplicably been withheld, not just past August but for more than three months after that.

He was also inexplicably hungry, and his throat felt as though it had been blowtorched.