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Ineu (; Hungarian: Borosjenő; Serbian: Јенопоље/Jenopolje; Turkish: Yanova) is a town in Arad County, western Transylvania, Romania. It is situated at a distance of 57 km from the county capital Arad, it occupies a 116,6 square km surface at the contact point of Crișul Alb Basin and Crișurilor Plateau. Ineu is the main entrance gate into the Zărand Land (Țara Zarandului). The town administers one village, Mocrea (Apatelek).

Ineu was first attested in documents in the year 1214 under the name "Villa Ieneu". It was a sanjak centre in the Timişoara and Varad eyalets and it was known as "Yanova" during the Ottoman rule.