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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Inebriation \In*e`bri*a"tion\, n. [L. inebriatio.] The condition of being inebriated; intoxication; figuratively, deprivation of sense and judgment by anything that exhilarates, as success.
--Sir T. Browne.

Preserve him from the inebriation of prosperity.

Syn: See Drunkenness.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1520s, from Late Latin inebriationem (nominative inebriatio), noun of action from past participle stem of inebriare (see inebriate).


n. The state or characteristic of drunkenness.

  1. n. Habitual intoxication; prolonged and excessive intake of alcoholic drinks leading to a breakdown in health and an addiction to alcohol such that abrupt deprivation leads to severe withdrawal symptoms [syn: alcoholism, alcohol addiction, drunkenness]

  2. a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol [syn: drunkenness, inebriety, intoxication, tipsiness] [ant: soberness]

Usage examples of "inebriation".

I had been to such delightful places as Biscayne, Seabury, Ard na Mara and Seapark, delivering people in various states of inebriation safely home.

The feeling of inebriation was natural to her while in a sexual state, and the circumstance of her surrender was not all that new.

The stained marble of the pavement gave a cool reminiscence of the Italian mountain, the blood-red roses palpitating in the sunlight sent out an odour mystical as passion itself, and there was the hint of inebriation in the perfume of the trellised vines.

She narrowly avoided inebriation by ordering a round dozen bottles of the port to be delivered to Teasel Hill and took her leave of the beaming proprietor.

And all, young and old alike, loved nothing more than listening to their hideous, screechy music played by men given the task and made listenable only after numerous bowls of sour, heady beer, which they brewed in vast quantities in great wooden tubs and then drank until inebriation either put them to sleep or stirred their blood and made them contentious and brawly.

For after the pubs turned out the men would meander home in a state of inebriation and with a raging hunger brought on by drinking steadily from ten-thirty that morning.

Little passes unnoticed in a man-of-war, and although only the Marine sentry and one or two members of the anchor-watch had seen Jack and Colonel Keating come aboard after Governor Farquhar's farewell dinner, the whole ship's company knew that the skipper "had taken a glass', that he had been "as pissed as old Noah', that he had been "brought down in a barrow, roaring for a woman for a black girl in his cot', and they smiled indulgently, whispering quotations from his homily on the beastly vice of inebriation, as he called out to know whether that tack was to be brought to the chesstrees this watch or not.

Although reannual wine causes inebriation in the normal way, the action of the digestive system on its molecules causes an unusual reaction whose net effect is to thrust the ensuing hangover backwards in time, to a point some hours before the wine is drunk.

It was quite pleasant to sit, suffused with the steady genial warmth of inebriation, the sun going down behind the smoke-blue mountains and Temeraire drowsing in an aureate glow before them.

The double doors from the hospitality suite swung open and the Whitehall chappies, now in various stages of inebriation, entered in a rowdy concourse.

Sid and Fred were appealed to, search parties were despatched, and 'Erbert was discovered in the left-luggage office, reclining on a lower shelf in a state of merry inebriation.

  At the same time, however, while a degree of tipsiness is welcomed and indeed even encouraged at certain social events in the Order, extreme inebriation and loss of control of one's mental and bodily functions is very much frowned upon.

Two conventions, noted for the inebriation of their members, had their damage deposits reduced as a result of genial but undestructive behavior.

Of course, it's just an effect of the compound, the formula lacks any chocolate, alchohol, or hallucinogenic drugs, thus is completely untracable by modern science, because although it has the effects of inebriation, it cannot be medically proven.