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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
industrial espionage
▪ Finally, we need a transatlantic understanding on industrial espionage.
▪ The Computer Security Institute, which conducted the survey, said the losses were caused by industrial espionage, hacking and fraud.
▪ The possibility of their involvement can not be ruled out at this stage, but neither can industrial espionage.
▪ The strength of the desire to gain particular techniques is often reflected by the extent to which industrial espionage was resorted to.
▪ Under the second category they considered investigations by private detectives, industrial espionage, technical surveillance devices, and finally computers.
▪ Whitehall denies that Echelon is involved in industrial espionage, but admits that its aims include countering industrial espionage by others.
industrial espionage

n. The use of clandestine methods to acquire secret information for commercial advantage

Industrial Espionage
  1. redirect Industrial espionage

Usage examples of "industrial espionage".

We caught Ivan Egorov and his wife Alessandra passing industrial espionage secrets, computers.

They'll conclude I'm as much a criminal as they are, but as my business is industrial espionage, there can be no possible conflict of interests.

Replace the espionage gear that you three intended to plant in Albert's gray, inserting a bomb instead, changing the goal from industrial espionage to sabotage.

She was also a traitor, or at least was involved in industrial espionage.

Benicoff also explained to me about the violent industrial espionage that has been involved.

The Earth's industrial cartels are so drained of energy and resources trying to clean up the mess they inherited that they can't even handle their own industrial espionage.

If she has the gall to show her face here again I can shop her for industrial espionage, can'.

And Bigend told you she'd worked for someone in Paris who'd done industrial espionage?

In Moscow KGB likes the operation so well they plan to use it as the key to their own industrial espionage in America.

Others favour a transfer to the Outer Hebrides so you can counter industrial espionage into the production of Harris Tweed.