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Indo may refer to:

  • The Indo- prefix indicating India and the Indian Subcontinent
    • Examples of words with Indo- prefix: Indology, Indologist, Indomania, Indophobia, Indophile, and Indo-European
  • Indo people, people of mixed European and Indonesian ancestry
  • INDO, the Intermediate Neglect of Differential Overlap semi-empirical method
  • Indo (apple), an apple cultivar
  • Irish Independent, commonly nicknamed 'The Indo'
  • Cannabis (drug), known by the slang term 'endo' or 'indo'
  • Palacio de Indo, a former palace in Madrid
Indo (apple)

The 'Indo' apple cultivar has been known since 1930. The fruit is very sweet.

Usage examples of "indo".

Parati, e de Parati, como se percebe, estamos agora indo pra Ilhabela.

All the others had passed by this milestone decades, or centuries, or, in the case of the ancient Dancer Indo, millennia prior.

Dvan went to see Sedon, he found Sedon watching as the eldest of the exiled Dancers, Indo, sat with two of the boy children, Tan and Kent.

Sedon against the far wall of the main room, some ten paces away from Indo and the boys, and waited for Indo to finish.

Dvan found himself seeing in Indo something of the manner of the Keeper.

The Dancer Indo checked the filters this afternoon, found them black, and changed them.

I killed the last of the exile Dancers only twenty-three hundred years ago, the Dancer Indo, in Alexandria.

The memory-retrieval skills taught the Shield are slow, particularly with older data, and by the time of which I tell you, no Shield had seen Indo in twelve or thirteen thousand years.

Much later, after leaving the tribe behind, it came to one of the Shield that Indo had been among the tribesmen, living as one of them.