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In differenze is an album of the Italian singer Susanna Parigi, released in 2004 by Sette Ottavi.
It includes 14 tracks and it was made with collaborations of prestigious hosts: Pat Metheny, Tony Levin, the Symphony Orchestra of Sofia, Hellas Bandini, Ares Tavolazzi, Flaco Biondini, Mario Arcari and philosopher Umberto Galimberti, who co-wrote the lyrics of "False" and wrote the monologues homonymous of show, presented between 2004 and 2006 at sites such as Colosseo in Rome, Teatro dell'Arte di Milano, Teatro Puccini of Florence, Teatro dele Celebrazioni in Bologna and Theater dell'Archivolto in Genoa. Susanna is also artistic producer along with Vince Tempera for the label Sette Ottavi. The album cover shows a photo given to the author by photographer Sebastião Salgado. In the same year Susanna Parigi was considered by Italian press as a revelation of the music scene, including social issues that she discussed on the album songs: indifference as amputation of the senses in our west world, respect and love for the differences.