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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Indifferency \In*dif"fer*en*cy\, n. Absence of interest in, or influence from, anything; unconcernedness; equilibrium; indifferentism; indifference.

To give ourselves to a detestable indifferency or neutrality in this cause.

Moral liberty . . . does not, after all, consist in a power of indifferency, or in a power of choosing without regard to motives.


n. (context obsolete English) impartiality, fairness, disinterestedness.

Usage examples of "indifferency".

There is another scruple cast in by Divinity concerning its production, much disputed in the Germane auditories, and with that indifferency and equality of arguments, as leave the controversie undetermined.

The mind, by being continually applied to the consideration of ways and means to gain money, contracts an indifferency if not an insensibility to the profusion of beauties which the benevolent Creator has impressed upon every part of the material creation.