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Indiana Limestone

Indiana limestone — also known as Bedford limestone — is a common regional term for Salem limestone, a geological formation primarily quarried in south central Indiana, USA, between the cities of Bloomington and Bedford.

Bedford, Indiana, has been noted to have the highest quality quarried limestone in the United States. Salem limestone, like all limestone, is a rock primarily formed of calcium carbonate. The limestone was deposited over millions of years as marine fossils decomposed at the bottom of a shallow inland sea which covered most of the present-day Midwestern United States during the Mississippian Period.

Indiana Limestone (Doddoli)

Indiana Limestone, a public sculpture by Italian-American artist Adolfo Doddoli, is located on the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus, which is near downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. The sculpture is located on the east corner of the north side of the lecture hall under the overhang. The lecture hall is located at 325 University Boulevard in Indianapolis, Indiana. The sculpture was commissioned for the Indianapolis University-Purdue University Indianapolis's (IUPUI) campus in the mid-1970s. It was installed by the artist.

Usage examples of "indiana limestone".

A monolithic structure of Indiana limestone built by his father in 1920, the bank stood like a gray fortress at the corner of Yulee and St.

With a price tag of just over $47 million, the 133,000-square-foot tower is clad in red brick and Indiana limestone.

With a price tag of just over $47 million, the 133,000squarefoot tower is clad in red brick and Indiana limestone.

He stumbled and got more entangled and crashed through a sculpted boxwood and almost regained his balance before tripping over an urn and landing flat on his face, his head just missing an Indiana limestone marker shaped like a tree.