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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Indefeasible \In`de*fea`si*ble\, a. [Pref. in- not + defeasible: cf. OF. indefaisable.] Not to be defeated; not defeasible; incapable of being annulled or made void; as, an indefeasible or title.

That the king had a divine and an indefeasible right to the regal power.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1530s (implied in indefeasibly), from in- (1) "not, opposite of" + defeasible (see defeasance).


a. not liable to being annulled or declared void.


adj. not liable to being annulled or voided or undone; "an indefeasible right to freedom"; "an indefeasible claim to the title" [ant: defeasible]

Usage examples of "indefeasible".

The nobles, who claimed their genuine or fabulous descent from the independent and victorious Franks, have asserted and abused the indefeasible right of conquest over a prostrate crowd of slaves and plebeians, to whom they imputed the imaginary disgrace of Gallic or Roman extraction.

But the proud claim of perpetual and indefeasible dominion, which her soldiers could no longer maintain, was firmly asserted by her statesmen and lawyers, whose opinions have been sometimes revived and propagated in the modern schools of jurisprudence.

The successors of Severus, while they lurked in convents or villages, while they sheltered their proscribed heads in the caverns of hermits, or the tents of the Saracens, still asserted, as they now assert, their indefeasible right to the title, the rank, and the prerogatives of patriarch of Antioch: under the milder yoke of the infidels, they reside about a league from Merdin, in the pleasant monastery of Zapharan, which they have embellished with cells, aqueducts, and plantations.

But the freeborn Barbarians were not dazzled by the lustre of the diadem, and the people asserted their indefeasible right of choosing, deposing, and punishing the hereditary servant of the state.

Constantine soon renounced this ignominious pretence, claimed the indefeasible dominion of Italy, and professed his design of chasing the Barbarians beyond the Alps.

You will see them one hour lecturing their mob on the indefeasible rights of man, and the next driving from their homes the children of the soil, whom they have bound themselves to protect by the most solemn treaties.

Lincoln discovered that no peace was attainable unless based upon the recognition of our indefeasible rights.

It stands opposed to all republicanism, and makes power an hereditary and indefeasible right, not a trust which he who holds it may forfeit, and of which he may be deprived if he abuses it.

She had a native and indefeasible reverence for every thing that had the remotest analogy to virtue, and she could not answer a proposal that came recommended to her by that name with unhesitating promptitude.

But writing cannot be luminous and great save in the hands of those whose words are their own by the indefeasible title of conquest.

But besides this they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible divine right to the most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean of the characters and conduct of their rulers.

The torrent began in 1938, when in the United States alone about 35 million tons of these indigestible, unreclaimable, nonburnable, or otherwise indefeasible objects were discarded.

He cannot be removed for a term of years, and then if he pays the price of the land it becomes his own with an indefeasible title.

The great writers to whom the world owes what religious liberty it possesses, have mostly asserted freedom of conscience as an indefeasible right, and denied absolutely that a human being is accountable to others for his religious belief.

He saw his friends and colleagues as a lot of cruelly driven ghosts, posturing out the meaningless ritual of their indefeasible damnation.