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  1. 1 (abbreviation of independent English) 2 (abbreviation of indicative English) 3 (abbreviation of indigenous English) 4 (abbreviation of indirect English) 5 (abbreviation of industrial English) adv. (abbreviation of indirectly English) n. 1 (abbreviation of independence English) 2 (abbreviation of index English) 3 (abbreviation of indication English) 4 (abbreviation of indigo English) 5 (abbreviation of industry English) v

  2. (abbreviation of indicate English)

Usage examples of "ind.".

Providence by seeking danger that led to no ind; but the youth among the Delawares are very much the same as the youth among the soldiers, risky and vain.

My life on it, the lad brings us out right in the ind, as he would have done in the beginning had we given him leave.

Aryz felt the closest thing to anguish possible for a branch ind. Was he being considered unworthy?

Accused of conduct inappropriate to a branch ind? His loyalty to the brood mind was unshakable.

With perceptions attuned to the radio and microwave frequencies, they had before long turned groups of branch inds into radio telescope chains, piercing the heavy atmosphere and probing the universe in great detail, especially the very active center of the young galaxy.