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vb. (en-third-person singular of: inculcate)

Usage examples of "inculcates".

A culture that has less than that attunement is a sick culture, and a society that inculcates less than that attunement is a sick society, and a medical establishment that promotes less than that attunement is a sick establishment.

Eusebius in the course of his history, his life, and his oration, repeatedly inculcates the divine right of Constantine to the empire.

The Imperial pontiff inculcates, in the most persuasive language, the duties of benevolence and hospitality.

I can only plead that ImpSec training inculcates some pretty bad habits.

Sometimes such prayer inculcates the response of our own higher mind and sometimes we may even be guided by beings from more inward spheres who 'hear' or perceive our prayers as Mind vibrations, and can help us, according to their own spiritual stature.