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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ If one does not belong one is An incomer.
▪ Shift work added to the tenuous links between incomer men and their Shetlander neighbours.
▪ The provision of council housing threatens the interests of many private residents, both Shetlander and incomer.
▪ To them, she appeared an interfering busybody, a pushy incomer meddling with their heritage.
▪ Until recently the situation was markedly different in those localities where incomer housing is dispersed among Shetlander housing.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Incomer \In"com`er\, n.

  1. One who comes in.

    Outgoers and incomers.
    --Lew Wallace.

  2. One who succeeds another, as a tenant of land, houses, etc. [Eng.]


n. 1 An outsider who moves to a community or a place, as used by those who consider themselves to be its original inhabitants. 2 One who comes in.

Usage examples of "incomer".

Matter becomes mistress of what is manifested through it: it corrupts and destroys the incomer, it substitutes its own opposite character and kind, not in the sense of opposing, for example, concrete cold to concrete warmth, but by setting its own formlessness against the Form of heat, shapelessness to shape, excess and defect to the duly ordered.

Van Helsing, Harker, and I were just behind the door, so that when it was opened the Professor could guard it whilst we two stepped between the incomer and the door.

I says to no one at all as I sat there with my feet danglin so close over the incomers that they sometimes got splattered with curds of foam.

There was a courtyard, and high steps, and gateways, and at every point bears in armor challenged the incomers and were given a password.

Backs rigid and heads straight, they eyed the incomers with disdainful wariness.

It says something that he has come so far and has put on the red, when so many incomers wear the white from fear.

Everyone who is anyone knows everyone, but there are so many incomers diluting the mix and not knowing that there is a small world network here that everything is up for grabs again after only a couple of megaseconds.