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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ an incipient drinking problem
▪ I am pretty sure that these noises do not proceed from incipient compression failures.
▪ Some assiduously fill notebooks with writing: incipient novelists or thesis writers?
▪ The incipient spouses are of course excited by the adventure, the new life, heralded by marriage.
▪ The wind came howling down the street full of rain and incipient snow.
▪ Yet despite these incipient industrial concentrations, the economy of Piedmont remained overwhelmingly agrarian and rural.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Incipient \In*cip"i*ent\, a. [L. incipiens, p. pr. of incipere to begin. See Inception.] Beginning to be, or to show itself; commencing; initial; as, the incipient stage of a fever; incipient light of day. -- In*cip"i*ent*ly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1660s, from Latin incipientem (nominative incipiens), present participle of incipere "begin, take up," from in- "into, in, on, upon" (see in- (2)) + -cipere, comb. form of capere "to take" (see capable).


a. In an initial stage; beginning, starting, coming into existence. n. 1 (context countable obsolete English) beginner 2 (context uncountable grammar English) A verb tense of the Hebrew language.


adj. only partly in existence; imperfectly formed; "incipient civil disorder"; "an incipient tumor"; "a vague inchoate idea" [syn: inchoate]

Usage examples of "incipient".

Even Ananke was anxious as they walked into Al Janb, where faulty fresh projections flickered across the buildings and squares like an incipient headache as the sky greyed.

Tom had thus effectively stopped the incipient panic, Andy had not been idle.

The sweating, powder-stained gun crews had cheered, while the infantry, guarding the batteries against another French sortie, stared at the incipient breaches and wondered what welcome the French were preparing for the assault.

Soon after recovering from the Pip, known in Medical Parlance as the Spooney Infantum, he began to glory in the friendship of an incipient Amazon who wore a Blazer and walked like a Policeman.

There certainly is some mysterious connection between incipient spinal trouble and the collecting of autographs.

When it comes to the earthbound matter of sex, the writer delivers, not a lonely masturbator at the computer, but a poetic, mock-traditional sex scene, layered with tenderness, unlikely juxtapositions, and incipient orgasms.

Within an hour of the seismographic reading, crews will have drilled the holes through strata of incipient stress, pumped the supercooled polymer-treated water back into them at the proper temperature for the local gradient, and gone on to the next.

Her body showed red blotches, incipient bruises, on the arms and breasts but especially on her thighs.

Rorschach blots interpreted by the patient had become Rorschach blobs manipulated unconsciously by the patient, and Phillips could classify the crew members with certainty: schizoids, cycloids, paranoids, homosexuals, sadists, incipient homicides psychopaths.

If this had been effected, who would have ever imagined that in an early transitional state they had been inhabitants of the open ocean, and had used their incipient organs of flight exclusively, as far as we know, to escape being devoured by other fish?

The only change in him was that his close-cropped hair was no longer black but a grizzled grey and his face was puffier with incipient wattles forming on his neck.

Knowing full well the incipient dangers into which they rode, the peril that might lie between them and the royal camp to the northeast, all rode at least partially armed, weapons ready and slowmatches all lit and smoking, only the heavier pieces of defensive armor left off .

Eschaton debacle and his failure to intervene or even get up out of his patio-chair, Hal has lost a bit of his grip and has just gotten on the outside of his fourth chocolate cannoli in half an hour, and is feeling the icy electric keening of some sort of incipient carie in the left-molar range, and also now as usual, after swinishness with sugar, finds himself sinking, emotionally, into a kind of distracted funk.

All are healthy, though one has an incipient carcinoma, which may result in closure some years future.

All the whole list of desires, predilections, aversions, ambitions, passions, cares, griefs, regrets, remorses, are incipient madness, and ready to grow, spread, and consume, when the occasion comes.