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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Inc \Inc\, n. A Japanese measure of length equal to about two and one twelfth yards. [Written also ink.]


Ld \Ld.\ n. The abbreviation for limited, term appended to the name of a company that is organized to give its owners limited liability; also abbreviated Ltd. It corresponds to Inc. in the United States. [Chiefly British] [abbr.]

Syn: limited company, Ltd.


Ltd \Ltd.\ n. A term attached to the name of a company that is organized to give its owners limited liability; it corresponds to Inc. in the United States. [British]

Syn: limited company, Ld.


acr. 1 (context chiefly North America English) (alternative spelling of Inc English) 2 (context programming English) increment 3 (context knitting English) increase


INC may refer to:

  • Incorporation (business), abbreviated "Inc." or "inc." in corporation names
  • Indian National Congress, one of the two major political parties in India
  • Indian National Council, an organisation founded in December 1941 in Bangkok by Indian Nationalists residing in Thailand
  • Iraqi National Congress, an umbrella Iraqi opposition group led by Ahmed Chalabi
  • IATA code for Yinchuan Hedong Airport, China
  • National Institute of Culture of Peru
  • Iglesia ni Cristo, an indigenous Christian religious organization originating in the Philippines
  • Interim National Constitution of the Republic of Sudan, 2005
  • Ijaw National Congress, a representative body formed in 1991 of Ijaw speaking people
  • International Network of Churches, a non-denominational Christian network of churches
  • International Network of Crackers, a major warez organization during the early 1990s
  • The (International) Noise Conspiracy, a Swedish rock band
  • Inc. (magazine), a business magazine
  • INC, an instruction in some assembly languages
  • International Concepts, a fashion label owned by Macy's Inc.

Usage examples of "inc".

Or down at Back Bay at that yogurt place with that picture of those historical guys Inc was saying at breakfast was up on the wall.

Troeltsch or suffer from thinly disguised psychological fallout like Inc or Struck or Pemulis himself.

The eastern Concavity of course being a whole different kettle of colored horses from what Inc calls the barren Eliotical wastes of the western Concavity, let me tell you.

News that Stice had very nearly beaten an Inc nobody but John Wayne has been able to beat has made its figure-eight way around the tables and serving line and salad bar, and lots of younger kids keep looking to the best table and Stice, sixteen, crew-cutted and still in his black Fila sweats with no shirt under the unzipped top, assembling a complex sandwich on his plate, and they let their eyes widen and postures sag to communicate awe: R.

Shaw and near-loss to Ortho Stice, might not have shaken Inc and Axhandle along some psychic competitive fault-line, different guys with different rankings calculating the permuted advantages to themselves of Hal and Axford having a deeply distracted and anxious week.

While Inc was keen on the whole lurid mirror-across-highway terrorism thing of early O.

If you need the Bob, Inc, you can only quit the Bob if you move onward and up to something else.

I know hard-drinking guys Inc that got off the booze by switching to the Bob Hope.