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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Inamorato \In*a`mo*ra"to\, n.; pl. Inamoratos. [See Inamorata.] A male lover.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1892, masc. of inamorata (q.v.).


n. A lover; a gallant.


n. a man with whom you are in love or have an intimate relationship

Usage examples of "inamorato".

Eyes wide and turbulent, Aurelie watched her inamorato enter the little one-horse carriage.

She fixed her eyes on him, with a mingled expression of mistrust, of kindness, and of fixed resolution, which the far-gone inamorato found irresistible.

Beau had a sudden image of himself as some bewitched inamorato who slavered in fiendish lust for her kisses and her body, and no matter how outrageous he wanted to consider that notion, he perceived a small measure of truth was to be found in it nevertheless.