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Inal may refer to:

  • Inal (name)
  • Inal, Mauritania, a village and rural commune in Mauritania
  • Beylik of İnal, small principality in eastern Anatolia, part of Turkey
  • Prince Inal, Circassian prince
  • Sayf ad-Din Inal, Mamluk sultan
Inal (name)

Inal is both a given name and a surname. In the Turkish context the name Inal is a product of an onomastic-hygiene movement initiated following the formation of the Turkish Republic to replace Arabic name Emin with which it shares common meaning, ‘to believe.’

Notable people with the name include:

Given name
  • İnal Batu (1936-2013), Turkish diplomat and politician
  • Inal Dzhioyev (born 1969), Russian footballer
  • Inal Getigezhev (born 1987), Russian footballer
  • Inal Pukhayev (born 1992), Russian footballer
  • Sayf ad-Din Inal (1381-1461), Burji Sultan of Egypt reigned 1453–1461
  • Ibrahim Inal (died 1060), Seljuk warlord
  • Bülent İnal (born 1973), Turkish actor