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n. (context slang English) sexual intercourse

Usage examples of "in-out".

He lay on the ledge and giggled, softly, a whuffling intake and outgo of air, then he did his breathing exercises, slow the breath, in-out, in-in-in until his body ached, out-out-out until he was empty, again and again, until he was wholly relaxed, limp, almost asleep, breathing the cool odorous smell of the stone, the sealants that made the room potentially airtight, fugitive traces of robot stink and other traces it was not possible to identify.

  But I viddied that the devotchka at this table who was with this chelloveck was real horrorshow, not the sort you would want to like throw down and give the old in-out in-out to, but with a horrorshow plott and litso and a smiling rot and very very fair voloss and all that cal.