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n. The traditional Hawaiian oven.


IMU may refer to:

  • Inertial measurement unit
  • I Measure U - New Zealand company that develops inertial measurement units.
  • Initial markup
  • Intensive Management Unit - a type of prison in the United States usually practicing solitary confinement
  • Interactive Member Universal
  • Israel Mathematical Union
  • Interactive Marketing Unit
  • Indian Maritime University
  • International Mathematical Union
  • International Medical University
  • Interurban Multiple Units used by Queensland Rail
  • Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
  • Italian Mathematical Union
  • The Irish Medical Union - now renamed the Irish Medical Organisation.
  • The Indiana Memorial Union on Indiana University Bloomington campus

Usage examples of "imu".

Blocks of that precious, crystalline stone crowned the bluff, each weathered into a crude, gap-mouthed imu face.

She had come to retrieve the imu medallion, or rather its clay shards, hoping to make peace with the Earth Wife.

It circled the hollow, ruffling ferns, swaying vines across the imu mouths.

The walls which had appeared so low were half-sunken into the ground and lined by imu faces whose mouths gaped wide enough to swallow her whole.

As debris rattled down from above, pale imu faces weathered out of diamantine emerged all around the summit, half obscured by vines as though by hanging hair.

Looks like they have just opened up the imu, the fire pit, where the cooking is done.