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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I've always wanted to do martial arts - maybe I saw too many Jackie Chan movies at an impressionable age.
▪ Unfortunately, the show's message to millions of impressionable teens is that it's OK to take drugs.
▪ What kind of impact will this movie have on impressionable kids?
▪ A sign of the recession or fear that these impressionable young booksellers might be contaminated by their publishing counterparts in some way?
▪ Iain, like any impressionable adolescent, was always going to find the bad sister more exciting.
▪ Perhaps the Giants felt his approach was not conducive to getting the most out of his staff, especially impressionable young pitchers.
▪ She had taken to growling menacingly at the more impressionable of the remedials to keep herself occupied.
▪ Such was the disturbed world in which the young impressionable Nasser was to take his first steps in politics in the 1930s.
▪ This is doubtful: the electorate, being composed of ordinary people, is less impressionable than Tory grandees.
▪ You-you impressionable teenager with a crush on the football captain and anxiety about your own masculinity-you just might be a born homosexual.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Impressionable \Im*pres"sion*a*ble\, a. [Cf. F. impressionnable.] Liable or subject to impression; capable of being molded; susceptible; impressible; as, a bad influence on impressionable youths.

He was too impressionable; he had too much of the temperament of genius.

A pretty face and an impressionable disposition.
--T. Hook.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1836, formed on French model, from impression + -able. Earlier was impressible (1620s).


a. Being easily influenced (especially of young people). n. An impressionable person.


adj. easily impressed or influenced; "an impressionable youngster"; "an impressionable age" [syn: impressible] [ant: unimpressionable]

Usage examples of "impressionable".

There were the moral and poetic insights, and, moreover, there was the style, the vital and penetrating Emersonianism, which aroused, and no doubt, dazzled the youthful and impressionable reader.

He sometimes thought it was a tale told to impressionable children, or to the simpleminded who actually listened to the preaching of the imams.

Impressionable teens who want to make an impression with their friends often copy the seemingly successful styles of celebrities like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jordan, or Alan Iverson.

Weiss and I both agree that impressionable adolescents should not be exposed to that sort of thing.

They tend to fall back on the well-trodden backgrounds and ideas from the stories that they read when they were young and impressionable.

Bible, there has been a long procession of so-called evangelists who specialize in separating impressionable people from their money in the name of God.

Carrados raised an accusing finger and pointed to the little bunch of violets with which the impressionable young man had adorned his button-hole.

He wished that some day some impressionable and personable young piece of loveliness would have the outrageous honesty to come up to him and simply say "I think you're marvelous and I'd give anything to see you in action", without trying to feed him an inferior plot to work on.

I have absolutely no intention of contaminating an impressionable young mind like yours.

Is it any wonder that impressionable youths force-fed this highly volatile, perversely materialistic weltanschauung could become so desensitized as to be capable of slaughtering classmates?

For all her abundancy of life and feeling, he knew how plastic and impressionable she was, and he dreaded to see that exaltation of her fresh spirit touched with gloom.

Boring, whoever he may be, is acquainted with some very wealthy and rather eccentric person--some person who is quite impressionable as far as a certain type of voluptuous blonde beauty is concerned.

We’ve postulated a morbid, impressionable imagina­tion as an explanation.

If you had been the focus instead of this rather impressionable and previously frustrated young woman, I think matters might have progressed more circumspectly.

With the old man as his only real role model, Cowboy wasn't sure he was ready to get within a hundred feet of an impressionable child.