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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Impossibly \Im*pos"si*bly\, adv. Not possibly.
--Sir. T. North.


adv. 1 Not possibly; in an impossible manner. 2 To the point of impossibility. 3 Contrary to what had been thought possible.

  1. adv. in a manner or to a degree not possible of conceiving; "he is impossibly idealistic" [ant: possibly]

  2. to a degree impossible of achievement; "long thought to be an impossibly difficult operation"; "impossibly far from sources of supply" [ant: possibly]

Usage examples of "impossibly".

A sudden, startling white-light image showed living, breathing Siamese twins, impossibly transected to expose raw pink-and-gray muscles working side-by-side with shape-memory alloys and piezoelectric actuators, flesher and gleisner anatomies interpenetrating.

But this was an impossibly tall order, and Barnett was trapped by his own indecision and his inability to figure a way out of the mess he had helped create.

These were the patients whose own maladies or characterological predilections had left them so self-involved that they were either unable or unwilling to register the Band-Aid that was on my face, or the jaw that was swollen from my just completed root canal, or the cherry red cast that was holding my right arm at an impossibly inconvenient angle.

It would be impossibly Christmassy and nostalgic were it not for the occasional glimpse of a Nazi uniform, leaving a jackbooted trail in the fresh snow.

The trickle of laughter was low enough to be rain at first, but then it became louder until Mathew was sure it was Hala and he ran through the rooms, step after step of denial, relieved that it had just been one of those striking dreams, so life-like and real it convinced you even as you woke upright, sweat-drenched and white-flashbulb-eyes impossibly wide.

And all the time he tried to keep in his mind the image of her dancing the leading role in Daphnis and Chloe, the black and white shot of the impossibly high arabesque that he kept on the chest of drawers in his bedroom, because then he could almost forgive her.

And they would regale each other with tales from their own, peculiarly distorted, version of the Cycle: legends of the heroic Mammut and her calves as they romped through the impossibly rich forests of the far south, where the sun never set and the trees grew taller than a hundred mastodonts stacked up on top of each other.

Two rickety but well-dusted tables were loaded with ancient nicknacks, dating from the early part of the second French Empire, with impossibly ugly little figures carved out of cheap alabaster, small decayed photograph albums, and ingeniously bad wax flowers under glass shades.

She looked up at him in mingled mischief, delight and disappointment, then waved at a bronze lamp of an impossibly enormous Priapus, the wick protruding from his erection.

At that speed, Arch Canyon was a serpentine channel of speed-blurred rock, one impossibly tight turn following another, sandrock arch after sandrock arch, with the occasional stone pinnacle jutting up just to keep things interesting.

Dressed in a severe black coat and breeches with the finest, snowiest of cravats, he was impossibly handsome.

The winding, impossibly narrow road along the sheer edge of the Sorrentine Peninsula was treacherous and exhilarating, the oncoming traffic a challenge around every curve.

Sleeping during the hot days, watching impossibly lurid sunsets, spearfishing, grilling their catch on the long empty white beach while the surf hissed phosphorescent under the huge soft stars, making love by moonlight and lying entangled under the palms until dawn.

He began to see everything in Amsterdam as if miniaturized: his own hotel on the Herengracht, the Anne Frank house, the impossibly good-looking Surinamese women.

I pictured her sitting on a straight-backed chair in a police station in Topeka, her chopped auburn hair standing at attention, her violet eyes looking down her impossibly straight nose at the Authority who was trying to question her.