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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And there you are importunate even as I am.
▪ It might have sounded as flippant as the question was importunate.
▪ Regrettably, however, she felt that Edwin's importunate letter must be taken seriously.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Importunate \Im*por"tu*nate\ ([i^]m*p[^o]r"t[-u]*n[asl]t), a.

  1. Troublesomely urgent; unreasonably solicitous; overpressing in request or demand; urgent; teasing; as, an importunate petitioner, curiosity.

  2. Hard to be borne; unendurable. [R.]
    --Donne. -- Im*por"tu*nate*ly, adv. -- Im*por"tu*nate*ness, n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1520s, from importune + -ate, or else from Medieval Latin importunatus, past participle of importunari. Related: Importunately (mid-15c.).


Etymology 1

  1. 1 Of a demand: persistent or pressing, often annoyingly so. 2 Of a person: given to importunate demands, greedily or thoughtlessly demanding. Etymology 2


  2. (context rare English) To importune, or to obtain by importunity.


adj. expressing earnest entreaty; "the appealing and frightened look worn by an injured dog"; "she holds out her hand for money, importunate, insistent"; "a pleading note in her voice" [syn: appealing, imploring, pleading]

Usage examples of "importunate".

For as you well know, Merivel, Bathurst has moments of remembering and at such times becomes importunate.

Constantinople: they urged, with importunate clamors, the increase of tribute, or the restitution of captives and deserters: and the majesty of the empire was almost equally degraded by a base compliance, or by the false and fearful excuses with which they eluded such insolent demands.

In the treaties of the administration of the empire, the royal author suggests the answers and excuses that might best elude the indiscreet curiosity and importunate demands of the Barbarians.

The golden robins, especially, would chase him as far as I could follow with my eye, making him duck clumsily to avoid their importunate bills.

While he struggled with these mortifications, his wants grew more and more importunate, and his creditors became clamorous.

In this opinion he was seconded by the surgeon, who gave so many reasons for bleeding, and quoted so many cases where persons had miscarried for want of it, that the squire became very importunate, and indeed insisted peremptorily that his daughter should be blooded.

Henry James, the tale of a young, rich Americanwell, obviouslymarooned among the importunate toffs of Europe.

And Abou Awas has excellently sung: The importunate Are seldom fortunate.

But Thrasillus was very importunate, and at length brought to passe, that at the intercession of the Parents and friends of Charites, she somewhat refreshed her fallen members with refection of meate and baine.

For a while they talked about the animals' wild relations, the banteng and the gaur, either of which might have breathed upon Stephen by night at Kumai - creatures of enormous size - and then Stephen said, 'My colleague is importunate to know what happened last night.

I was deeply grateful to her and she became very helpful in dissuading importunate suitors who tried to enter my room.

Her obstinacy paid off, and on 12 June Bedingfield rendered his apologies to the Council for having been 'enforced, by the importunate desires of this great lady, to trouble your lordships with more letters than be contentful to mine own opinion'.

  But the fair Honoria had no sooner attained the sixteenth year of her age, than she detested the importunate greatness which must forever exclude her from the comforts of honorable love.

The important question was agitated in their presence, and those ambitious courtiers easily discerned, that it was incumbent on them to second, by their eloquence, the importunate violence of the Caesar.

The boy on the stairs, who was to fence him from importunate visitors, led a life of luxurious disoccupation, and whistled almost uninterruptedly.