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n. (plural of import English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: import)

Usage examples of "imports".

Iraq is also the largest consumer of Jordanian imports and the largest exporter to Jordan, representing 15 to 20 percent of all Jordanian trade.

Her vessels transported the Latin pilgrims to the coasts of Egypt and Palestine, and deserved, by their useful imports, the favor and alliance of the Fatimite caliphs: an annual fair was instituted on Mount Calvary: and the Italian merchants founded the convent and hospital of St.

Nisibis was situated within their own dominions, and as they were masters both of the imports and exports, it should seem that such restraints were the objects of an internal law, rather than of a foreign treaty.

We must be prepared for substantial reductions in rations and in imports in order to carry out larger troop movements.

It must be realised however that not only will this further reduce our imports by about 30,000 tons a month, but it will also take some little time to become effective.

During the first four months of this year we expect imports of only 7,250,000 tons, and recently sinkings have greatly increased.

We have made a careful analysis of the imports which we must secure during 1942, in order to maintain our full effort and to make sure that our stocks shall not be run down below the danger line by the end of the year, and are satisfied that it is not reasonable to aim at anything less than 26,000,000 tons of non-tanker imports.

The taking up of the shipping is being proceeded with by us for camouflage purposes, though it involves a loss in British imports of perhaps 250,000 tons.

Having regard to the immense importance of freeing shipping for imports, this argument can only be accepted in really urgent cases.

We should point out that any further curtailment of imports taking 1942 and 1943 together can only be made through a definite curtailment of our munitions output.

The imports for the five months ending March 31 are likely to be only on the 17,000,000-ton scale.

A restriction on the shipments to the Middle East and India from the United Kingdom and from the United States to not more than forty ships a month, if enforced from January to June 1943, inclusive, would improve the imports by 33,000,000 tons, thus avoiding the threatened breakdown and not making us live from hand to mouth, absolutely dependent on the fulfillment of American promises, in the last six months of the year.

By 1997, Iraqi food imports were higher than prewar levels in terms of dollars allocated.

Although we should not be blase about the prospects for any of the moderate Arabs, the state that we must be most concerned about is Jordan, which is dependent on exports of Iraqi oil and Iraqi imports of Jordanian goods.

However, the King understood the need to protect his Greek imports from his Median-speaking native peoples, who were directed under pain of death to treat the new citizens with care and kindness.