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vb. (en-third-person singularimply)

Usage examples of "implies".

According to Born and more than half a century of subsequent experiments, the wave nature of matter implies that matter itself must be described fundamentally in a probabilistic manner.

Like all vibrations or wavelike disturbances, quantum mechanics implies that they can exist only in discrete units.

Like the car traveling at an angle, this sharing of motion implies that the object will travel more slowly through time than its stationary counterparts, since some of its motion is now being used to move through space.

This implies that the more massive an object, the greater the gravitational influence it can exert on other bodies, precisely in accord with our experiences.

Although classical reasoning implies that empty space has zero gravitational field, quantum mechanics shows that on average it is zero, but that its actual value undulates up and down due to quantum fluctuations.

As discussed in Chapter 2, the relative motion of George and Gracie implies that they do not agree on what events occur at the same time.

This implies that as we examine them on shorter distances, we penetrate more of this seething cloud and hence are subject to less of its amplification.

They are linked by the common physical universe each implies if either is the one selected for the extra curled-up dimensions.

Although Einstein refused to take his own theory at face value and accept that it implies that the universe is neither eternal nor static, Alexander Friedmann did.

Running the film back less implies that the two regions will have had more time to communicate thermally and, like hot soup and air, they will have had ample time to come to the same temperature.

First, in a manner that current research continues to clarify, string theory implies that the universe has what amounts to a smallest possible size.

State-ownership implies, therefore, that nobody shall live without working.

How sudden a change in the conduct of industry it implies is less certain.

Nationalization of agricultural land implies cutting out the landlord and the tithe drawer, but not necessarily interfering with the farmer.

And this again implies a stricter rationing scheme than is now in operation.