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n. (plural of implication English)

Usage examples of "implications".

With physicists exploring powerful quantum methods, the implications of which gave rise to experimentally testable predictions, there was little interest in the mere possibility that the universe might be a vastly different place on length scales far too small to be probed by even the most powerful of instruments.

We now seek to understand the implications of this qualitatively new kind of string motion on the string itself as well as on the geometrical properties of the dimension it wraps.

Feynman expressed this view more than three decades ago, it applies equally well today What he meant is that although the special and general theories of relativity require a drastic revision of previous ways of seeing the world, when one fully accepts the basic principles underlying them, the new and unfamiliar implications for space and time follow directly from careful logical reasoning.

Order camp, he sensed one last presence waiting in the trees but had no time to dwell on the implications of the discovery.

But the present reaction of the Sherreenian crowd suggested otherwise, and the implications were disagreeable.

The vast implications of this decree were as yet quite lost upon Eliste, who rarely troubled her head with bourgeois considerations of finance.

Quite the contrary: In the hands of Einstein, with his imaginings of observers chasing after light beams, there are profound implications to grasping fully how even the most mundane situations appear to individuals in relative motion.

By carefully comparing the observations of such individuals, we found some dramatic implications for the nature of space and time.

We will have to determine physical implications of string theory that can be observed on length scales that are far larger than the size of a string itself.

They not only found that the extra dimensions in string theory must be curled up into a Calabi-Yau shape, but they also worked out some of the implications this has on the possible patterns of string vibrations.

Finding a small number of Calabi-Yau shapes that, with our present, fairly coarse ability to determine detailed physical implications, appear to be well within the ballpark of acceptability is an extremely encouraging outcome.

Establishing this expectation is an important goal for further research because it has a direct impact on a number of aspects of string theory, including its implications for cosmology.

What if their physical implications did differ in some subtle way that we had missed?

Currently, research on the implications of string theory for cosmology is at an early stage of development.

In fact, however, this discussion illustrates that an ultimate explanation can yet be achieved, so long as we grasp not only the ultimate laws but also their implications for cosmological evolution on an unexpectedly grand scale.