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The Collaborative International Dictionary

implicating \implicating\ n. a charge that implicates someone (usually of wrongdoing).

Syn: implication.


vb. (present participle of implicate English)

Usage examples of "implicating".

He's talked with a lot of other people up there, also, and he wrote a story, not implicating anybody, but in a general way running down Ladd Devine's relationship to the town, the conservancy district and the dam and so forth, the poverty of the Miracle Valley, all that.

He hadn't tried to argue away Fassa's stories implicating his nephew, and now he would not evade the duty of confirming those stories.

Peter Kawaja, who served as Louis Champon's chief of security at his Product Ingredient Technologies in Boca Raton, FL — which was secretly being used by his business partner Ishan Barbouti, an Iraqi arms dealer, to produce Cyanide shipped to Iraq — claims that documents implicating Bush, Secretary of State James Baker, and others involved in the "Iraqgate" scandal were moved to the Alfred P.

I’m arresting a man who has given me a statement implicating a number of other people in serious crimes.

I do not believe there ever was any evidence implicating Jeremy at the scene of the deaths.

He then created his own evidence implicating my son, claimed it was found at the scene, and presented it to Jeremy as proof.

After all, if he had made such a mess out of his own life so far, what was the point of implicating others?

I would not, as others have done, struggle to save myself by implicating friends and superiors.

And by sending cablegrams from the San Diego area implicating an innocent Bollinger supporter!

He did not believe that Silvers would be foolish enough to leave implicating files in the office.

He remembered General Hadley telling him that he had told Jonas and Turner of the evidence that Philip had found implicating Silvers.

That meant somehow discrediting Sornnn SaTrryn without implicating himself in any way.