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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Jill says she can earn $50,000 from the job, but this is an implausible figure.
▪ Miss Harris' experience of healing, however implausible it seems, is common in religious meetings.
▪ The idea that a virus could wipe out an entire city so quickly seems a little implausible.
▪ All three of Kane's categories suffer from implausible assumptions which belong in the realms of racist folklore rather than scientific inquiry.
▪ But in fact it seems most implausible the ether should do this.
▪ But it indicates that the idea of allergies affecting the mind - and viceversa - is not implausible.
▪ But the tremendous earthquakes they showed were somewhat implausible.
▪ However, I would agree with Searle that this possibility has been rendered rather implausible, to say the least.
▪ Moreover in many cases it is implausible.
▪ Well, you and other men of science seem to assume two things which I find rather implausible.
▪ While unlikely, this is not in principle altogether implausible, and so the wrong answer would be reached.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Implausible \Im*plau"si*ble\, a. [Pref. im- not + plausible: cf. F. implausible.] Not plausible; not wearing the appearance of truth or credibility, and not likely to be believed. ``Implausible harangues.''
--Swift. -- Im*plau"si*ble*ness, n. -- Im*plau"si*bly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from assimilated form of in- "not, opposite of" (see in- (1)) + plausible. Related: Implausibly.


a. Not plausible; unlikely; dubious. alt. Not plausible; unlikely; dubious.

  1. adj. having a quality that provokes disbelief; "gave the teacher an implausible excuse" [ant: plausible]

  2. highly imaginative but unlikely; "a farfetched excuse"; "an implausible explanation" [syn: farfetched]

Usage examples of "implausible".

Little wonder he describes himself as humming happily as the machine all summer, eager for the first trial print-out in the fall: I myself was as involved by this time in his quest as if it had been my own, and searched vainly, heart-in-mouth, among his technical appendices and catalogues to see whether they might include the Pattern for Heroes, which surely Polyeidus must have plagiarized from him -- unless, as seemed ever less implausible, Computer itself was some future version of my seer.

The loss to Brighter Suns was probably colossal, but even at the new, less efficient rate there was still an implausible amount of money flowing in, and the decrease was sure to be short-lived as soon as the Powers could send in more personnel.

I think of the crashes of psychopaths, implausible accidents carried out with venom and self-disgust, vicious multiple collisions contrived in stolen cars on evening freeways among tired office-workers.

There was also a wildly successful genre of romance novels featuring implausible talent heroes who were capable of seducing beautiful, feisty female prisms and turning said prisms into love slaves.

They were already far into the next century, sniffing the wind, testing the air, communing with the questers, pushing things on and through, asking endless what-ifs, checking for implausible or non-existent ecological anomalies.

Eli has his papers out and studies them intently: the manuscript of his translation of the Book of Skulls, the Xeroxes of the newspaper clippings that led him to connect the place in Arizona with the antique and implausible cult whose scripture the book may have been, and his mass of peripheral documents and references.

The photograph aside, what Causey told me lent a plausible historical context to the implausible reality of Diamond Bar, but the key ingredient of the spell that had worked an enchantment upon the prison was missing, and when at last I went to visit Czerny, I had retrenched somewhat and was content to lean upon my assumption that we knew nothing of our circumstance and that everything we thought we knew might well have been put forward to distract us from the truth.

Almost forty years after the fact, the man wanted to buy the abandoned property, which remained behind fences, a wild and implausible place in a once-suburban neighborhood that was going rapidly to seed.

Likewise, the idea expressed by von Danniken and others that ancient astronauts erected airfields, employed rockets, and exploded nuclear weapons on Earth is implausible in the extreme, precisely because we ourselves have just developed this technology.

Implausible, even ludicrous ideas were suffusing his brain, invisible and odorless as carbon monoxide gas: that the Palouse was a normal landscape.

When people witnessed his implausible wrist-dribble or his zero-gravity double-pump fadeaway jumper off a pick at the high post (a shot that often concluded with the metal-gripping drollery of backspin and dead-rimming), they knew they weren't seeing just another demonstration of giantism engaged in a parody of faunlike grace.

In Reagan's case he had the batter hit foul balls one after the other for over half an hour while pretending there was nothing implausible in this, which when you think about it is more less how he ran the country as president.

But as implausible as it seemed, although the enemy pilot had first moved like an amateur, he was now appearing more and more like an expert.

Along a line as sharp as if it had been surveyed the red gravel gave way to blue moss, and from the moss rose tall, regularly spaced trees, every one with an implausible even-tapering cylindrical trunk, apparently covered by black patent leather.

If the characters' motivations seem weak or implausible, the reader will notice it at once, and he will swiftly grow bored with your story.