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Crossword clues for imperials


n. (plural of imperial English)

Usage examples of "imperials".

Three days of softfooting around the Imperial capital city having to put up with smarmy Imperials, overcharging tapcafe owners, and idiot SE2 droids was starting to get to him.

Control said, giving each of the Imperials a smile that managed to be smug and ingratiating at the same time.

Caamas Document and then punch it out through whatever jamming the Imperials have going.

Casual confidence or not, Star Destroyer or not, once the Imperials tumbled to what was going on the old general was going to be in for the fight of his life.

Your job is to draw fire away from the main ships, help wherever you can to punch a hole in the defense perimeter, and be ready to run screen when the Imperials finally launch their own fighters.

If the shields collapsed before they made it out, the Imperials could still win.

Make sure everyone is ready for immediate deployment to battle, wherever the Imperials may strike.

Callista followed Luke and Tionne as they slipped behind the Great Temple into the thicker jungle where more Imperials were massing.

Madine knew something that the Hutts and the Imperials would never understand.

That might delay the Imperials from interfering here for a few more minutes.

He knew the Halogai knew most Videssians thought as he did, and also knew the Halogai reckoned imperials overcautious at best in war, at worst simply dull.

The imperials looked to their weapons again and cut down the Halogai who, confident they would not be able to resist, had thrust forward into their line.

Their furs and boiled-leather cuirasses contrasted oddly with the linen surcoats and iron shirts the imperials wore.

The imperials rode them down, then rode on toward the northern mouth of the pass.

The imperials had also mastered the art of fighting as a unit rather than man by man.