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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Compared with sequential use of single drugs, which is current policy, combinations will thus impede the development of resistance substantially.
▪ This review is intended to serve essentially as a background to how science and technology can impede or promote development.
▪ This needs to be coupled with a physical form which does not easily clog and impede water flow.
▪ And since acquisition depends on communication, your deliberate delivery will impede your progress in learning the language as well.
▪ He had no torch, but darkness did not impede his progress.
▪ If Nature herself sought to impede her progress, then resistance was mere pride and folly.
▪ Previously, the shoe had only been tied on and this greatly impeded the animal's progress.
▪ Breaks twigs off trees; generally impedes progress.
▪ In fact, the use of these drugs may even impede the patient's recovery.
▪ Progress has been impeded by a number of economic factors.
▪ Rescue attempts were impeded by the storm.
▪ If Nature herself sought to impede her progress, then resistance was mere pride and folly.
▪ In 1965 members of parliament regretted that the separation of children into different types of secondary schools impeded the raising of standards.
▪ This review is intended to serve essentially as a background to how science and technology can impede or promote development.
▪ Three would involve complex skeletal and muscular problems tending to impede rather than improve mobility.
▪ To proceed without doing so would give rise to conflicts of interest which could impede the proper performance of his duties.
▪ Widespread wage reductions were imposed during the recession of 1906-9 and price inflation thereafter impeded the recovery of real wage levels.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Impede \Im*pede"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Impeded; p. pr. & vb. n. Impeding.] [L. impedire, lit., to entangle the feet; pref. im- in + pes, pedis, foot. See Foot, and cf. Impeach.] To hinder; to stop in progress; to obstruct; as, to impede the advance of troops.

Whatever hinders or impedes The action of the nobler will.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, back-formation from impediment, or else from Latin impedire "impede, be in the way, hinder, detain," literally "to shackle the feet" (see impediment). Related: Impeded; impedes; impeding.


vb. to get in the way of; to hinder

  1. v. be a hindrance or obstacle to; "She is impeding the progress of our project" [syn: hinder]

  2. block passage through; "obstruct the path" [syn: obstruct, obturate, occlude, jam, block, close up] [ant: free]

Usage examples of "impede".

How may we know what is done to the animals thus traced to the door of every laboratory without being charged with impeding the legitimate researches of science?

At first sight we should be inclined to think that these little swellings near the tips of the toes would be rather an inconvenience to the anolis, by impeding its movements.

She was simply but elegantly attired and coiffured, the kind of woman who might have been designed by a Bauhaus architect, except for her bosom, whose free-flowing volume all but contradicted the severe planes of the rest of her body, impeding her balance, creating such a clashing contrast that, speaking strictly aesthetically, she might have benefited from a double mastectomy.

I set to helping Troop Guide Bikaner, trying to appear as if I were in command, but actually trying to impede him as little as possible.

Michael Angelo, and his good friends the Cardinal of Carpi, Donato Giannotti, Tomaso Cavalieri, Francesco Bandini, and Lottino ultimately succeeded in persuading him to make a model of his cupola, that the work might not be impeded or altered in the event of his death.

The impeding chamma fell down around his knees and entangled his legs.

The difficulty of obtaining Roman Catholic members of juries to convict in Ribband cases, even upon the clearest evidence, greatly impeded the course of justice in Ireland.

It would impede their ability to discriminate sonar contacts in the same way bright sunlight lessens the apparent intensity of an electric light.

In the present instance, however, she was called upon to put forward all her good qualities, for in spite of the large sum it had cost Veneda to charter him, the captain was fully aware of the risk he had taken upon himself, and he had therefore no desire that anything should occur to impede or delay his departure.

The internal cannot be purified from the lusts of evil as long as the evils in the external man have not been removed, for these impede.

Corsets or bands which impede the flow of blood, compress the organs of the chest or abdomen, or restrict the movements of the body, are very injurious, and should not be worn.

Yet even today it was known that one never touched a Pisces, nor impeded her progress.

All these things, so far as they are concerned, conduce to the remission of all venial sins: but the remission may be hindered as regards certain venial sins, to which the mind is still actually attached, even as insincerity sometimes impedes the effect of Baptism.

Necessary pleasures and all the activity of the senses it will employ only for medicament and assuagement lest its work be impeded.

The clarity of the air is blocked by the mental unclarity in these youngsters, and each impedes the other.