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IMBER (Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research) is an IGBP-SCOR sponsored international project focussing on ocean biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems. The goal of IMBER is to investigate the sensitivity of marine biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems to global change, on time scales ranging from years to decades.
There are currently twenty four nations involved in IMBER scientific research.

Imber (disambiguation)

Imber is a depopulated village in Wiltshire, England.

Imber may also refer to:

  • Annabelle Clinton Imber, American jurist
  • Gerald Imber, American plastic surgeon
  • Lya Imber (1914-1981), Venezuelan medical doctor
  • Mike Imber (1940–2011), New Zealand seabird biologist
  • Naftali Herz Imber (1856–1909), Jewish poet and zionist
  • Nicky Imber (1920-1996), Jewish sculptor
  • IMBER, international project on ocean biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems
  • Imber tropicus, moth of the Sphingidae family

Usage examples of "imber".

There was a tap at the door and Faraday glanced round to find Brian Imber stepping into the office.

He quickly scanned a page or two of notes, then told Imber to get on with it.

Faraday glanced at Imber, beginning to wonder how many other Tumbril files were in his briefcase.

As Imber warmed to his theme, pausing over a page in his file to make a particular set of points, Faraday let the details wash over him.

Watching Imber, Faraday was more heartened by this sudden development that he could possibly express.

At the start of the motorway, Imber indicated left, leaving the roundabout for the Continental Ferry Port.

At the far end of the causeway connecting the island to the mainland, Imber coasted to a halt at the red and white barrier.

While Imber fielded a phone call, Faraday perched himself on the edge of a nearby desk.

But it had taken a figure like Bazza Mackenzie to persuade them to give Imber his head.

In fact I can remember a time he was telling everyone Imber was off his head.

In those days, according to Imber, the Pompey drug scene was dominated by a fellow 6.

The Tumbril meeting with Brian Imber was due to start in a couple of minutes.

In this sense, as Imber kept reminding him, Tumbril had turned the investigative process on its head.

Brian Imber had already warned him about the old-stagers, seasoned detectives like Harry Wayte.

Faraday was to make the arrangements with the MoD police, and further ensure that the Tumbril team Imber, Prebble and Joyce were to be turned away at the guardhouse when they appeared tomorrow morning at Whale Island.